Start A Scan, the movie in Technicolor

I have this program on my Computers, for a watch dog, and there is a piece of it, that boldly says, Start A Scan. So for shyts and snibbles I thought, make up a movie, starring Clippy the paper clip, and Call the Movie; 


START A SCAN, in Technicolor. Or whatever colorization system one would use, could be a barn burner of a film. I have always had a soft spot for little Clippy. I got introduced to Clippy in 2002 through MicroSoft Office, besides the little guy helping me with spelling and such while writing in Windows LiveWriter, I could play games and sorta visit with Clippy. He’d do tricks, wink at you, lounge away in his tiny chair, not much, but when your very lonely, things like that are a comfort at least limited. When Office-2005 or so rolled around, and Clippy had been pulled out of that program, I quickly decided that I’d opt for Open office instead, until such time as the guru’s at Micro-Fart reinstalled Clippy. Angel and I had this vision, of bringing the little guy back in a cinematic way, of something called: The Revenge of Clippy, thing is we had trouble finding someone in this area that was comp code smart that could snag the Clippy program so we could manipulate it to do a feature film. And why? Simply stated, just like the Bandit told SnowMan, Just because they haven’t done it. And that’s the reason. 

So , By the Grace of God and many, many prayers, found housing of sorts, in Twin-Falls. Now living in an oversized motel room is not high on my list of things to live in, but for a short haul, it keeps me here, long enough to get the rest of the project put together, get the station back on the terrestrial radio air, as well as the online version. As a Marine my training, means never to give up, do or die. I have came a long, long way, building the station, and the network, too much money, blood and tears, has been shed over it, I’m not going to just unplug it and die. No way. So the search now is for studio/office space in Twinky Flatts, to house the station, maybe even Filer or Buhl. Now what about Evanston Wyoming and that plan? Still in the werx , but with no shop, dreaded deep freeze cold, and not a helluva lot more than what I saw last time I was down there, what I can do in Evanston as far as housing now, and all, is what I can do here, for $150.00 more a month. That don’t mean, I can’t go down there and set something up to help my friend Rick who really is in deep need. I love him enough to help as best as I can, in the mix, find a shop, wait for those apartments next to the Wentworth to be built, pay off bills, get LexiBelle back in shape as well as get Rick mobile again, both his rigs are down especially Dark-Horse, you know for two cents if he’d do it, I’d buy that truck, and do the refix , but like Rick , my pockets are a bit lean as well. Come spring, after PoohBear and I are married and all then move to Evanston, with an already established infrastructure. Including but not limited to a re-established, Hazzard County Choppers/Highway Hooker Toewing, of Wyoming, going towing. Why go over there now and freeze? Can’t work on my truck, so, finish the station build here, then move. Have a few people in mind for the station at least to manage it, this one older gal I met through Kathleen, named Priscilla , is mature and smart enough with some training to run it, on pretty much sweat equity. For those who don’t know, sweat equity, means doing a job or task, for mere low if any dollars, with the understanding that once the gig is making solid money , they get a piece of stock, as well as a percentage of net income for the effort they already have put in. This is what I had in mind, with Angel, and Chandra. Looking back now, wish I had not fallen, for the con that moved me here to Jerome. I had a nice house, a good telecom system for the station, and of course Angel. We , her and I and all worked well together in the studio. But with a hiccup in PoohBear’s money, in June. And mine, thanks to good ole FB, I had to move and was not able to pay anything to Angel, which hurt me a lot since she was a great employee and biz partner. I can tell ya’ll this; once we get everything redid in Twin and all firing on all cylinders and if I can find her and she’ll come back into the WolfPack fold, she’s more than welcome to cause I would rehire her in a Hazzard County, millisecond. On Thursday we are completely out of Jerome, and will be in the rebuild mode, but will be back on air in full power right after February 1st 2019. In the meantime, you can keep up to date on things with all of it here in this newspaper/blog. 

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