We got moved well sort of, deets coming up

We got moved well sort of, half of my stuff is in one place at the shop, the other inventory is here in this no room apartment, but at least I’m warm , with cable and internet so I guess its okay. 

So a few before I began the migration replantation of my environment I met online this super fox in some rebel group on FB. She immediately took my breath away. Just a few photos and some ice breaker conversations and I’m more drawn to her than just about any lady I have ever been drawn to including PoohBear. Which I’m having second thoughts about. Yes PoohBear has been there contributing to the MC pretty much on schedule. But the fighting online and on the phone, the crap of with-holding of funds some months, which lead to me having to shack up in a roach filled hostel and my radio gig coming to a halt. She is not into Church or at least mine, heck she wont even entertain the concept of Church Missionaries visiting her and taking lessons. Then well the list of atrocities, is very long. Not saying I wont continue with that, but there is this sweetheart that stepped in the picture, and if that happens its all Jenni, no PoohBear. What I need in a lady is very simple, beyond the idea of killer legs and dainty feet and toes, is a bit of that with a bit more eye candy, to at least give me a bit of stimulation in the right direction for night time bed time flights. Add to that something more than just a foundation of an old tv show, that is of my companies beginnings, there has to be chemistry. Sure one can’t judge that unless your up close and personal, but still if there’s age, wisdom, and at least some maturity, without all the anger and self esteem issues, look I’m I’m at the 60 mile marker of this road of life, before God closes the door, and I take that final exit, I’d like to have someone that was , or at least is mine, by my side. As Emma Goldman put it and recited by John Teller of the MC, many people only think they want freedom, yet they yearn for the structure of politics and society, as for me I reflect it on this, true freedom does not come without sacrifice and pain. In the end true freedom for any man , is that he just wants to be Comfortable.

 More in the morning, but I will leave you with this and an observation. We rather I stumbled across an ad on FB’s marketplace. Of retail space in Twin Falls. It was a place where women could get ultra sounds for some reason. Any mile the place came up for rent. $500.00 with everything utility wise included just off of Blue Lakes in Twin is prime retail space. So I met with this stunning young lady named Samantha, put the deal together, HazzardAyre and KTOW/KDXC have our new home. So we should be back up on air both over the air and online, by mid January. More on wuzz up with that in another entry. Until then……………………….

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