An AyreTymez Entry 2

So I attempted to do an entry from Win-LiveWriter earlier, but it seems that somewhere between my computer and WordPress is being blocked. Sound familliar? I spelled it that way for a purpose seems as much as you pay for something its never enough. Times like this I’d love to have crap in writing. 

Haven’t been writing much lately , mostly due to stress, and heavy lifting of a bunch of manure. Here’s where I start to think, just say bag it in Idaho, move this thing to Wyoming and be done with it. Thing is I hate the idea, of failure, and being so stupid as to have moved here a year and a half ago. Here’s why I say that. When the dingle-butts, in Jerome Idaho after giving us the tube steak enema, for the last 5 months, told us they were upping the rent and they wanted us seriously to move, I was beside myself. No where to go, making out application after application, being told because we were a renegade biker/aviation organization which is only part of it, couldn’t find nothing, within the under $1,000.00 a month mark. However, all I needed to do, and it was such a relief to do so, but I called my friend in Evanston, and boom housing problem solved, and radio studio would be ours following the holidays. No big song and dance, no women in black yoga pants, no farting around. But winter, cash on hand and all, had to settle for a sort of hostle, and a shop with an office that with some major investment could be made into a studio. Problem is few if any on air women app types would show up. So discovered this ad on FB which little is what it says it is, saw an ad in housing of all places, that said studio for rent. Groovy I thought, especially the location, just off of Blue Lakes BLVD, in Twin Falls. $500.00 a month, spit the power and other utility bills. So I take time out of my groove, Friday , come away from the meet and greet, with the thoughts we got the place, pending lease signing. Sure the ad said free and all but I knew that was BS. Now I think Sam, and know its not her fault, nor her control, but now her company wants us to send out our financial pedigree, some of which we can do, most we can’t as we are under the thumb of the Department of Defense since our organization is a Veteran service organization. Yet Kelly the main bean counter is ready to ink the pay to the order of paper, of $1,100.00 again a hold up. Damn near as bad as CenturyLink, and the $12,000.00 a day they cost us, the reason I’m sweating , rather bleeding money right now is there’s way too many companies and people that can’t see the forest for the trees, They only see the immediate few, of the fact of including that Geneva outfit that Sam works with, in both a percentage of our ad and syndication fees, as well as profit sharing and us being willing to include them in the board of directors and give them stock in HazzardAyre Media, when we go public on our IPO next year. With that Big John the President, told me that while the pregnant beauty shop space is pending to look around a bit more, even see if there’s a stand alone structure. In both cases of Utah and Wyoming. and Why the hell Idaho is so darn stubborn, The place at the old I4 Solutions building in West Bountiful/Woods Cross, it took one call,one visit and we had an executive suite for $300.00 , no long song and dance, same place with the shop in Evanston, both of them, plus housing. Why can’t Sam’s company, and a few others just give me a break. What I can tell you is this, and its nights like this. For every 2 calls over night of 60 here in Twin Falls and surrounding area of which we get $40 % of each call booked through Uncle Charlies, I get 200 calls from Evanston, of which we get 100% of the call. Oh they got 300 slide off’s, and stuck calls over night. Bottom line, if crap don’t change really quick on a bunch of stuff in Idaho, Idaho can kiss our grits, talk is already going on of killing the Idaho Charter of the club and splitting up between Nevada, Oregon,Washington Montana Wyoming and Utah. With us leaving , that will take out $285,million bucks that we generate in Idaho that will go elsewhere.

With that, I’m going to bed. 

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