An AyreTymez entry


Well here tiz Liz, a snowy day in our village of Twin Falls. I haven’t been posting much lately as I have been under a heap amount of stress, and pressure. On one side is to stay towing while its snowing, on the other side its get the radio werx back up which is becoming a drawn out if any advancement what so ever. The first place I picked is okay for a shop, for Hazzard County Choppers, but not to house HazzardAyre Radio. So found one in Twin Falls next to where Hastings Music was at off of Blue Lakes Blvd. After meeting with a super fox, that was a rep for the leasing company, thought we had it clinched. Kelly is in Utah, just ready to sign the check, as soon as he got the lease. Guess what? Now the Leasing company wants my and the MC/AC’s pedigree financially and so on. I don’t think these folks or any folks knows how our financed or the financial structure. More over they just don’t understand that 60% of our financial support comes from the Department of Defense. As our organization is made up of military aviation(fighter-pilots) aviator Veterans. I also don’t think these people understand that for every hour of everyday we are off the air, we loose $12,000.00 , we were just starting to get it up and running, but those dingle-butts we rented from that liked to give us the tube-steak enema every month on rent and all, we had to move. When the lady Saturday, said we had it in the bag I believed her. Now there is a snag in her nylons, that is holding us up. This is getting strenuous. So my orders are, keep looking for a shanty to get the station into that wont kill the bank account. Since I have a witness to her saying we had it in the bag, pending signing of the lease, and two the ad on Facebook that said the place was free(I have a screen shot of that) I could hold their tails to the fire. However Samantha is to cool to do that, and I know its not her fault. Then of course there is Jenni. I think Jenni is about the hottest mid 50 something women that I have ever met. She’s witty,sweet, and someone I’d love to have on the media team. The problem with Jenni, Samantha’s company and a few others, is that, they don’t see the rest of the forest for the trees. What they see is the immediate, not the long vision. I’d be happy to share the ad sales and profit sharing with Samantha’s company, Jenni, and all. So would the Knytes. If they’d just say , “Okay, we’ll let you in and all so you can get up and running again, if you put us on your money tree.”

Any mile, I’m beat, 42 tows, 23 slide-off’s, 15 pull outs. I need sleep. As I can smell the stinky tow(toews-pantyhose_feet_sniffing-4_tmbnose 1} of the morning commute.

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