The Epistle of a Harley riding radio jock. ( ME).


I haven’t been as usual or as a habit of writing to you all here lately, but be patient with me. Even though we have relocated here to Twin Falls, here in Idaho, I have had my hands full(no pun intended) . The weather first started out with deep snow. I mean really deep snow. Which kept this old high octane canine tow jock busy. Then it turned bitterly cold. Which meant not so many tows , but thawing fuel lines and battery boosts. Of course in amongst that the place I originally had pegged as the new home for HazzardAyre/SAMCRO MC Radio had people that wanted my life’s story and a pint of blood it seamed for a deposit. No thank you, so re-ignition of the radio werx is now delayed. for at least a month which is costing SAMCRO $12k a day. This isn’t a sustainable situation. But I will find something suitable. Been thinking of converting a office space there at the Wolf’s Lair, SAMCRO-Idaho’s Club house into a studio, thing I worry about most, how many women co anchors are going to go in there, much less work there>. Of course with that, I have to stay up much of the night, for two reasons, One I get better bandwidth so I can navigate Internet things a tad faster, as there isn’t so many people using the wifi, that I share here, and two: Them dern Cockroatches are not out in daylight as much as they are overnight, but then they don’t call me the KnyteWolf for nothing. Now then, the needs of this gig hasn’t changed, and the requirement of having a in house lady as a Administrative Director is more essential than ever before. The needs of our media side of our MC, is going to increase over the next year. With two more stations for over the air broadcasting, plus putting on the icing for our TV side, and of course on two of our programs gaining a green light of XM Satellite, my load to lift, has became even heavier. Now to put it simply MY administrative Director, needs to be me when I can’t be me. The duties go from discovering new talent to making sure the bills are paid to researching talk topics for air, to sitting in and doing a show. That’s the short list , which is why we pay just a tad over $500k a year, for someone to take on these duties. Thankfully I quite by accident I discovered a 50ish super hottie, that has so much in common with me, that its mind boggling. With that said, and I must make this as concrete as can be. Up until, the 1st of June this year it was all PoohBear. getting hitched and all of it. Yet she decided to injure the relationship, and with-hold her contributions to the MC which put us on a course of losses at the rate of $337,000.00 per month. That is not sustainable. So when the ball dropped at the 1st of October, I said its time to re-examine where that relationship was going. By a miracle again, this Angel entered the picture. The more, I see, the more I see me with her, than PoohBear. That said, its business 1st, personal gig 2nd. Where ever that journey will go. Finally, after months of effort, a Package of documents and 411 of a lady in Africa, or to remove her from Africa, was returned today. I tried my ass off you understand to get this lady out of that war torn area. Here’s the thing, and it goes to the same old story, of when I wanted to snag a side gig from another local TV station. Which I was disqualified for because, I’m Mormon. However I did go after it, I found money for gas to go get the application, I did, sacrifice to have money for fuel to go to the interview, and I had the dedication, to drive over and use my resources to do overnight studio time. Why? Because I WANTED it. Same goes for this lady from Africa, get me photographs, signatures, and new Identification, as well as a charachter letter, so I have something to put in front of Senators and authorities here in America to Do the deed. More over, don’t expect me to pay the fees. That’s not something I’m willing to do anymore. I can see the need for green to attain the 50ish Angel, but shy of that, the MC is making a policy, what are you willing to give to the MC for OUR generosity? 

As I close this cold and overcast Friday, here’s a set of photos, that are all to much alike and mirror each other Purrfectly.


what I like

AYREWOLVEZ-LOGO1_thumb.jpg samcro wings2


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