The Inner Deamons We treasure.

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So with some reluctance and some strong nudging I revived after a ton of shit, my FakeBook Account. While I’m beginning to see that the all mighty Internet imploding upon itself. Mostly due to its own conceit and the inexperience of most of these Computer Tech gurus, that are hardly dry behind the ears. Lets face it, the more this Artificial Intelligence is shoved down my throat the more I want to hurl it back. Read earlier about how Amazon, and your grand Walmart is moving to AI, and robots. Saying it will increase productivity. Really? how many times have you seen a clerk, there at the Automatic check-outs having to help people, well , Check out? I can tell you this; There had better be some changes happen, or we’ll all be on some starship somewhere not having to do anything, while AI and robots will be doing it all, ever seen the movie Wall-E? Which brings up this; First of all , don’t think me as a perve or something, but every once in again, good old Disney will cast a show and get a very harvestable talent out of it. Oh this starts early. Examples: Entire cast of Girl Meets World, Zendaya , Bridget Mendler, Selena Gomez, all started as young talents on a Disney Channel series’ then have their entire career planned by Disney/ABC. Such a Talent has emerged; her name is Ruby Rose Turner ruby-rose-turner-1 how could you not just fall in love with her? Oh and she can dance which is her specialty. She appeared on the radar of casting directors and afficiandos through a mini series now a full blown series on Disney Channel, call Coop and Cami dakota-lotus-and-ruby-rose-turner-film-their-disney-channel-wand-ids out of which Ruby cut a video called Ruby Rocks, the outfit and presententation is outstanding. Problem is I have this problem of the music and the song , mostly the music stuck in my head. Many of the Disney Channel series’s are gone now, many of the stars from many of those went to FreeForm(the adult version of the Disney Channe, ) Or have went out on their own. Bazzardvark with Devore is too much to ignore. 47308763_1161290210693572_3668674696745844736_n The list goes on, but the talent farm is rejuvinating there at Disney and I’ll bet you can’t wait for what or who is coming up in the clouds. Any way. Last but not least. The reason I yanked my FakeBook account was two people, one that I’m working to get out of a foreign nation even though President Trump is having constipation spasms over allowing anyone to relocate here to our grand nation. And to make sure He has included some admission fees to the party that is America. The second was this gal who I tripped over on fb named Jenni Roberson. She had me going down the road of unloading PoohBear, and rushing to be with her in Florida. It was going fairly well for Jenni, until I pulled out a symbolization of what I liked the most with women what I like guess what? Yep, went to post something I thought this Jenni might like, but hey no more Jenni. I have found that for soooo many women who say that they want the free spirit, and not usual, what they really want is the same , mundane with just a touch of devil in him to make it exciting but not too exciting. Whether its radio/tv casting for the MC/AC’s videos, or my own, I always test that open mindness with one thing; Yep the old but still very strongly daring, or to prove their daring with the Toew-Smooch.

This tests the grit and determination of even the hardest stubborn lady, more over if they get by this test, then I know she has a truly rebel spirit and fire that I require. If not, then its hit the road, Jackie. In this case it was a Jenni.

Any mile, need to hit the rack Church in the morning. TTYLY

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