The Oxy Moron of the Oxy Moron, things you should do on radio , but we do it anyway.

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As I was just posting on LinkedIn, Its ironic that KLIX is now in the same house as KEEP was back in the day. The all only TALK format for both stations really has killed radio in our valley , something that I and the Knytes are busting balls to fix. During Christmas time each year we did this comic bit, riding the coat tails of the Chipmunks, aka the three little varmits of children’s musical memories. We called ourselves the Klix-Munks. What we did, when reel-to-Reel open tape decks were in vogue at a radio station, we’d go in and sing a few carols. Then using two decks we’d speed one up a bit so it sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks aka-the KLIXMUNKS. One year we cut a 45rpm record and sold it through then Capitol Records. The damn thing went bazzardvark crazy. We were getting orders for the damn thing. Capt. Showbiz(Charlie-Tuma) who later became Capt. Tuna Fish, that year our rendition went so hot we nailed a CMA, award for the damn thing. Blew our minds. But back then you could have fun with LIVE radio, KLIX was not only the news leader here, but kicked butt on the Kountry music scene as well. We even got the bang to go interview Barbra MandrellĀ 

That was the year Barbra came out with her single hit Before Country Was Cool. Which was the ignition of a nationwide tour. Along with friend and mentor Country Joe of KSOP 104.3 Utah, I putted down to the U-ofU events center, fished out my press ID, and got to sit for quite a spell with Barbra. Much longer than CJ did. Barbra’s Father and 2 sisters were there and lets say it was one helluva feast at the concert at the craft table as well as at the then SLC Hilton. It was fun then. Doing LIVE radio was exciting and just plain enjoyable. You could create, explore issues, and involve your listeners. Now days its a bunch of people yapping and barking about crap nobody including our youth couldn’t give a rats arse about. At the end of the theme of the Dukes-of-Hazzard, the lyrics go, ” Fighting the System” Ya’ll know the rest. When the then Hazzard County Knytes took on the idea of doing a radio station and syndicated radio network, it was and continues to be our intent and mission to fight the system, the radio media system and put personality and genuine real enjoyment back into radio. Today KTOW FM 105.7 and KDXC AM 1090, and the program that lifted us out of hibernation in 2012, HazzardAyre Radio, continues that tradition. So should there be an allowance for dropping the F-word a bit on the air? That in our next report.

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