I might have been a bit to hasty ditching PoohBear, we’ll see now if Emily is real. Being honest is a forgotten concept.

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Knytes Chronicles Good morning fellow toewers and haulers. Its cold as a bankers smile outside, and trucks are not turning over. Was going to hammer something out earlier, but the blooming modem, here at the Old Towne Lodge of Tweaker Flatts Idaho would work right, so I’d get 5 maybe 10 minutes online, then out again. Which was getting under my skin, so called the night manager who came down, unplugged the plugged back in the modem. Guess what? That ain’t the problem. The real problem is you have half a dozen people from the area that knows the access codes, and are online using the same system. Which means it overloads. What the folks who own this roach trap needs to do, is buy a newer more heftier modem. and lock it down with something other than the phone number of the joint.

So once I got that done, meandered online could not get into my bank account which means a phone call to Wells Fargo in the AM. Then been dancing with this new squeeze named Emily, who says I’m the savior of her heart and love of her life. Saying all the right things, but two or so things are eating at me. First she has gave me three names, first it was Deborah. Then Emily, but couldn’t immediately remember who I was a night ago, when I announced the engagement(not really) Then saw another last name on the Google Hangouts by Emily Mitchell, which might or might not be for real. As her phone number can’t be reached, two she was asking me financial questions, like where I bank, account number etc. That is an immediate red flag. So waiting to see if Emily is real, or a scammer/poser. Have our member Lonnie, an FBI agent , a REAL FBI Agent, and regional director of the Mountain West of the Feds. He is running Emily’s photos through computer bases to identify exactly who this gal is and if she indeed if she’s real. If she’s real and all I’d be honored and be ready to treasure her. If not, it don’t matter where she is on planet Earth, she will not be able to hide. If the Feds can’t find her and prosecute, the Knytes will. The Knytes are 28, million members worldwide, If this Emily is pulling a fast one, she will be found, brought to justice. Okay then which brings me to PoohBear. I might have been in a bit too much of a rush to ditch PoohBear. Face it, her contribution to the club is essential. And in her way she does love me, and it just might be that her phone puked as to why she hasn’t been in touch. However , Doug and I went over the last two, years, and every financial hiccup that I as well as the petty cash accounts have been hurt through some slip up by PoohBear. Even the fact that I’m in this Roach filled bunkhouse. Started in June, October, then partly November. Which is why I went dry on funds to pay rent in Jerome, Idaho. Which means I got the boot. Getting the boot, means every day the club looses $12,000.00 . Or split, $6,000.00 times 2. Or no money. Which has been the majority of the Delay of getting Laurette out of Africa, and a few other things. So I threw Shelly a bone, if she bites great, if not come the 1st of the year, my rear ain’t here. Which in summary, why can’t people just be honest? Why can’t people do business, and all even personal relationships on truth, rather than fib, or embellish the truth.

Any mile good morning.


3 thoughts on “I might have been a bit to hasty ditching PoohBear, we’ll see now if Emily is real. Being honest is a forgotten concept.

  1. So basically, you only want PoohBear if she sends money even though she herself lives in a tent and will drop her immediately if something better comes along. Is this something Heavenly Father would approve of?


    1. more to it there Angela, I would take myb PoohBear back in a second, but I don’t like being accused of crap I never did, having the touch of a woman which I haven’t had in 5 years, your assumptions are way off, look at it in the real light, and you’ll see bugs


  2. Then is she even worth it? This has to be the most toxic relationship I’ve ever seen. I have seen how she treats you. I’ve seen how you treat her. It’s not healthy. Cut your loses and look for something healthier and local.

    Also, I have to askout of curiosity: what’s keeping you from going to say a temp agency to find a more steady job than towing? In your last entry you mentioned money you missed out on. Why not get a steady 9-5 job? Then you shouldn’t need money from anyone and you put in honest work for a steady paycheck.


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