Want me? Want the palship of the Knytes? Its simple, its a leggy thing. Call it the Daisy Duke, tradition


Its a Daisy Duke tradition, or a Hazzard County curse, either way, if you want to get my, or the Knyte’s attention, do it with nylons and legs. I will go into depth on this overnight in a special piece I’m working on for Emily, however I’ll repeat myself on two recent episodes and one ancient one.  The ancient one happened right after I gave the adios, to Idaho back in mid 2013. Which if I’d have been smart would have remained where I was, PoohBear or no PoohBear. I had discount housing, shop, and LexiBelle. Even before that in mid 2005 just before I ventured to Morgan Utah followed by Evanston Wyoming part one. I had been conversing with a physical relationship, advisor, named Sue, from Otawa (how ever its spelled) Canada. I told her that we as a radio thing for truckers, figured that truckers know the simple Missionary thing of male to female interaction, but nothing to spice things up. So Sue first sent me her book Quivering Jello, after I read that I knew her show was good for us. Now I half kidding said that’d it be nice to have a few of her well worn, and well scented nylons etc to hang in our studios , hence KTOW(toe) got it? Any mile, did not think she’d really go for it. So I went to the mail box in Centerview before they imploded it to become another place just outside Bountiful Utah, and there was a big envelope bubble wrap and all, with about 8 pairs of Sue’s leggy hosiery. Which I still have today. Fast forward to Tammy in Evanston. Tammy was doing her chores at the then Lotty’s Grill and Bar there. Told her about the radio gig, she got into that and a whole heap of other things, which is why, when it came to PoohBear , this time there was dues to be paid. No more no financial commitment by a maybe baby. So Tammy started in with us, and like Sue, a contribution of her smelly nylons was contributed to the station’s studios. After all this is a Hazzard County based station. Its a leggy thing. Not just my personal tastes. I got a bad vibe comment from a chick named Angela. No I’ would have saddled up with PoohBear even without the money. However thanks to Tammy, after going into the hole some $2,million $’s in 2007 the club and I said, you want in our bed,(so-to-speak) pony up, or shut up, and hit the road. It goes back to a sticker I got at a Drive Inn Choke and gag in American Falls Idaho, back in I think 1988. Which said, ” When you have them by their wallet(or-purses) that is where they’re minds and souls will follow. To Angela, I need you to understand: When I pulled the plug on PoohBear and I the first time around after she threatened my by knife point while I slept, it was the following May, that PoohBear and I made the agreement. If I moved to this area of Idaho, gave up my benefits in Wyoming, she would contribute at minimum of $500.00 a month to offset the extra costs of living in western Idaho. But I digress , If a woman , (ANY WOMAN) wants under my skin, or wants to make a home with the Knytes, doing something very simple and pretty inexpensive, take some of her well worn nylons, put it in the mail. Two things, it makes a committed impression, two proves your as warped as we are, and three understands where and who we are. Oh and sending money too is a great idea. the wheels of HazzardAyre Radio, doesn’t mesh without the grease of green($).

5 thoughts on “Want me? Want the palship of the Knytes? Its simple, its a leggy thing. Call it the Daisy Duke, tradition

  1. So, basically you’re looking for handouts for no work. Mostly from women. Get a job, then you don’t have to settle for someone in another state that accuses you of rose and lies about pregnancies.


    1. I have a job and a career, or at least I had one until she came in the picture. Who wants handouts, I’d rather see a hand up, and what about all the helps I have gave or for that matter the Club has given. Best get your facts straight sister, before you go shooting your mouth off.


      1. A paying job? It seems you sleep, do out to run errands, sleep, and then do a radio show that pays nothing. I get my facts from your very public Facebook and blog.


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