So that heckler Angela barks again. Get your crap straight sister before you shoot off your mouth.

pappys journal

My Mom taught me one big saying in amongst others, It’s one thing to let people think your nuts, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Get your facts straight before you engage a debate. Here’s the crux of it, this Angela broad barked , Why don’t I go get a temp job?” I did that with Deseret Industries here. That lasted about a month, ended when , because I relied on PoohBear, I had to deal with one of her crisis’ as far as asking for handouts, bullsbreath. I only go to those who owe me and or the Club. Or has anyone forgotten the $10k that the Club laid out for PoohBear’s medical and hospital bills? The club wouldn’t even had a minutes worth of saying anything, but when PoohBear screwed me over and them 4 times, They wanted their investment back. PoohBear agree’d so every month came for the most part the mere $600.00 or so each month. Great. Then there’s the move over here, because Pooh couldn’t handle living in Evanston, then came the calling the fuzz here in Idaho, saying she was locked up in my bathroom? Really, the damn bathroom in Wendell had NO DOOR to lock, but I awoke to the GCSO Swat team, on Thanksgiving a year ago. Really? As far as cutting my loss and moving on; I tried that several times, but what did Shelly do? Goes on FB and chews all of out, saying I’m hers and all. Yes Angela you have no damn idea. And as far as me not go tow, understand that the profession of towing and it is a profession, gets in your blood, you live for that next tow call. You stay up all night for that tow call, and yes I sleep days, but I am working overnight. Again sister know what’s up, or just plain shut up, and oh yes , I do have a new honey, and she makes Shelly look like spam.


2 thoughts on “So that heckler Angela barks again. Get your crap straight sister before you shoot off your mouth.

  1. You still didn’t answer why you don’t get a job. And I knew all of this about Shelly, but you are just as much to blame as she is. You should’ve broken up with her ages ago and not engaged with all of her harrassment, threats, and accusations on FB. You sure fo lovd playing victim, don’t you?


    1. Angela, I have a job, working with another tow service while I rebuild my company, I fully agree I should have broken up with Shelly, hell yes, I should have gained a cold heart, and not cared. But guess what I have a heart, I tried to help the lady. That’s what God teaches us to do. Sure I got kicked in the teeth. No I don’t lve to play victim. I wont anymore I’m going to be like you, cold heart, don’t care about others. But isn’t it great I haven’t been that way all my life, if I had 14 families in and near Hagerman several years ago, would not have had near new as well as new toys from those I gave away to them, 14 families, 10 children a piece. Or the Twitchell Family, whose home burned down in 1979 that I and the club raised money, most of which was given by my mom because I asked Mom to do that. No I am not the victim I help victims. Maybe I just shouldn’t, be cold heart and a Scrooge. That’s what you do, not what I do.


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