Some days I wish Rick was a woman.


Some days I really wish Rick, my Bro in Wyoming was female. It seems that for every female he or I attempt to get serious about, we get kicked in the teeth , the groin and wake up in dread wishing we were dead. The funds are spent by the woman of interest, then here we are picking up pieces of a life.  As it is I’m courting this sweet honey from Texas, don’t know what Rick is doing or who he is doing, I know of two that are very interested, but it seems he ain’t. Guess one gets stung enough times, you say no more to trouble your mind.  The thing for the most part Rick and I’s brains drain in about the same way. He likes, trucks, bikes and muscle cars. I don’t know what happened to the newer Impala, that I finagled out of my Cousin in Utah for him, nor the Subaru that I drove for a time, that would have stayed okay, if some assholes living near the old Wentworth hadn’t slashed the bottom heater , seams some bunch were going for retribution, of someone else, mistook me for them, and the Silver Jap and LiL Wolf got it bad. Thank God LexiBelle was locked up and hidden. Like Rick, I kept the Subaru for PoohBear, like he did for his squeeze at the time, I got the Stratus, so eventually when PoohBear figured out how to drive, she could have that, oh yea I’m the grinch and stingy bastard that feels like a victim, shit. If I am so be it, I’m allowed a bit of self pity. But I’m getting away from my main topic. On the comment from that Angela, I need to say this. There has been numerous times that I was on the edge of that wetness, only that Shelly, would find these women, on FB and elsewhere and chew them out and say don’t go there. Right before my first dream gal, Chaundra went into the big house for something she didn’t do, I was in the concept of renting a single room in Hollister Idaho, from some slightly elderly lady there for $200.00 a month. one problem the day I went there for the look and see, Shelly calls, and started chewing me out that Thereasa , decided against renting to me. The thing is had I done so, I could have rented a place in Buhl, for $650.00 a month that could have housed HazzardAyre easily with money left over. Strike one. The latter part of November last year, was in conversation with two gals one from Ohio, and one from Philly. Had $1,000.00 coming back from taxes, could have made that move, but hey Shelly goes on FB and cuss’s out those two gals. Strike two. Then came May this year, Chaundra had just got out of the can, could have slid in there and made that happened, but nope, again Shelly strikes, same went with Wendy, same went with Alesha Swallows and a host of others. Every time I was getting ready to call it quits, Shelly dove in, pissed off the gals I was interested in, hell Atheia, and Marie were subjects of Shelly’s rage. So if I seem a  bit off in wanting at least my money investment of the money I put out for Shelly, the move, the sacrifices and all for her, then shit I’m guilty, but I should get something more back, like another year of no fail $600.00 a month. Not a hand out, more like a pay back. See Shelly, destroyed my life and me, as well as had it in her head, that no one else was to sleep in my bed, but her, and if she could not have me, she was making sure, no one else was going to as well. When it comes to Chaundra, or/and Athia. aka Angel, was more in tune with me and my thinking than any woman shy of Erin, that I have ever met. But Shelly was having no part of that. Hell Shelly even accused Kathleen of bedding me. If you know Kathleen, you know that would have been a mission impossible as I treasure the relationship I have with her, her family, even her husband. Then came Pricilla, Shelly torpedoed that as well. No I’m not turning queer here, but I can tell you if Rick was female, I’d marry him and be done with it. This time in two weeks, my butt is in Evanston, and a lotta of a rebuild. 

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Chaundra, Angel , and why I do it.


2 thoughts on “Some days I wish Rick was a woman.

  1. Sometimes, you have to cut your loses. I know Shelly puts you through hell. What is more important? The money she is never going to send you or having a life where she runs every professional relationship you have?


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