Thank God I’m a Southern Fried Kountry guy.

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Thank God and Heaven I’m a Southern Fried Kountry guy. As I can usually adapt, and get past unusual or even painful happenings in my environment. Its not that PoohBear split, heck I’m glad as I could be for that to have happened. Its Pooh’s timing Why just two weeks before Christmas? An early Christmas gift perhaps. I would be willing to believe that, when Shelly’s Aunt unplugged the electricity, so no TV, no ability to charge phone to do her evil on FB, Shelly’s mother, brother and Aunt said, just don’t call him back , break up and so on. Which has happened. If it was all equal, it’d be okay, being lightened of that load is a blessing, but I’m in a place that I can’t afford, because she just couldn’t get along in Evanston. So here I sit, in a place, that I can’t afford, because with the two incomes rolling in hers and mine it albeit by a hair, but still possible. Shelly’s jealous rages and all, accusing me of bedding every female in 4 counties, including two from Burley, which looking back wish I would have. Hey if your going to get blamed for something, might as well do it. Of course, that never happened, anywhere. I now look back, and I barely had gave up drinking any kind of alky, but there was that one day 4 days after Shelly’s first arrival that I really NEEDED a beer. Went in , got to small talking with a sweet heart who has the same name as my tow truck, which that was intriguing, Who just had gotten a tiny butterfly tatt, that she wanted me to see, I did. The fact that Lexi’s tatt was on just on inner thigh, but hell all I saw was the Tatt. Now being a Southern Fried Kountry Guy, means I can’t lie. So I told PoohBear, she went down , cussed poor Lexi up one side after the other, of course the worst of this, was Syd. Sydney and my friendship started at the Pilot in ETown,She was getting her gall bladder taken out, I had , had that done quite a few years prior, but the short of the conversation, was her and I became friends. We made a date to snag food in Etown at the R&R there, as I had discovered the best thing on Earth the R&R Junkpile,. Trust me its worth every single penny. I had sped down to fetch the title of the Impala for Rick, visited with my second cousin and I was tired and stressed over a previous night of squalling with Shelly, the night before. So I crawl in the shower. Now what makes this thing get together here, is that had, Syd not showed up when she did, and had Syd, been timid and not just came in, she would never have found me lying half in and half out of the shower/tub at the Wentworth there with one hand in the toilet bowl hole, and the dang shower still going. So Syd got me out of the tub/shower on the bed, called 911. Had she not done that the stroke I had, and all would have killed me. Rather Shelly should have been grateful that somebody in that town was watching over this old man. Who else would or did? Nate came by once in a great while, Rick came over rarely, mostly scared of Shelly, Nobody came over. I could have died that day, had it not been for Syd. The list goes on, its not that I want to stay connected to Shelly, what I want, is at least 3 months of that $600.00 to be paid me, that she owes me and the MC. after that I don’t care what the messed up witch does. Second, For Angela and all of that, Every one of ya’ll says you should cut losses , move on, forget, etc. When was the last time one of YOU, came over, sat down and chatted and extended some female kindness? Its like that Wendy over in Wendell and I’ will stop speaking of this after this, but when Wendy, and crew came over to the Wolf’s Lair there in Wendell, and Wendy gave me a foot massage with that DoTerra stuff, it had been the first time in months since Lisa at the Tumbleweed in Evanston, that ANY woman had touched me. No hugs, no nothing up to that point. Sure KY Jelly and a dark room cures the physical need for a few minutes even a day, but I’m hitting 61 in 5 months, I’d like to have a wife, who can render me a son, that is still right in the head with both oars in the water, so I can see the day, that my legacy is passed on to someone. There’s an old saying that says Someday. In My environment Someday will not, has not and don’t expect it to arrive anytime soon. Then some gal said go fetch a job. My question to her is, You have a job you want to hire me for? Don’t tell someone to go get a job unless you have one for him to get. So in closing, from Cable-One, to CenturyLink, to Cook Realty, and even some in Etown, Wyoming, I could keep an attorney busy, and well oiled for years. All total, we are looking at a suit, with all involved in the area of about $10,million. $2,Million directed at Cable One, $2,million directed to CenturyLink, and that’s the short list. Any honey’s including Angela want to share the treasure?

Headed to church


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