I went out this morning and took a walk


Some days it just needs be to just go out and take a frigging walk. Which I did, now I had my brain to drain, seems I’m getting drained every gall dang day from that Twitch Shelly, that I was hooked to. Got a phone call from the fabulous Verizon which informed me that my services will be cut off until I pay the bill. Now several things prevented me getting that bill paid, First Shelly’s screw up, amongst many others but her recent, one which started the domino effect from October. See I had Verizon paid up until then, but dear shitty Shelly, said her account was hijacked. Bullstuff. She decided to keep the damn money nearly admitted to that. Had I been smarter, I would have canned her ass then, but December I snagged enough to get moved and thought all was cool, cept she calls one night about some bull crap, says her battery on her phone was puking, said she needed to get it charged. No cell battery takes a week to charge. Besides she could have bummed a phone from somebody even her mother. Any way so with all this crap going on, and maybe its okay for now since I’m not under the gun for anything That the damn phone is fuggled up anyway. So went out and walked around the block and downtown Twin Falls. See I know downtown Twin Falls, probably better than most. I know the Radio Rendezvous is where KFXD that is now in Nampa Idaho owned by the same fellers that own KIDO, then saw where KTLC, aka KTFI used to be, Mr. Faulkner’s Paris Department Store, many steamy and yes crotch creamy sessions were had there. On both levels, then saw about four or 5 places, one called the Hot Rod Café, was condemned, wonder what it would take to salvage that, then checked out a few places, that show some promise for HazzardAyre Radio. As Far as Cooter’s Toewing and all that, that never will be again in Twin Falls Idaho, or any place in Western Idaho. There is just way too many other conglomerate outfits here, as well as a few crooked tow comps. So That will be In both Wyoming/Utah, BTW Have you ever noticed , none of those shows on Motor Trend/aka Velocity TV of those fancy shops, are all in or around Metro Utah, and not anywhere Idaho? After I took a walk around the block this morning, had a cup of java, maybe there’s some sort of something that is in Metro Utah, that ain’t here? I can smell the situation is much like it was in mid 2013, when I pulled up stakes, moved to Ogden then to Woods Cross, and eventually Evanston. In all cases once I got out of here stuff improved. Now granted my ass was on fire a few times in Evanston too, but Mark helped at times, and when I needed assistance in the support of my lip dirt, there was Nate, and sometimes Rick. Most of the time I had money. Housing was half of what I’m paying now even utilities were less. Even cable/Internet was better granted I came up short there on a regular basis each month, but when I did, I’d make a call to Mindi at AllWest, and shazzam no loss of connection. Then she arrived, my entire world has been torn to shreds . As far as Verizon, only reason I signed up with them besides the eye candy that worked at one of the dealers there, funny how one company can have two damn dealers for the same product, parked next door to each other. Only in Wyoming. But that’s the only reason I signed up with Verizon, as years ago Verizon cut me off for a weekend because I could do a slide into their home plate store there in Pocatello on a Friday. That getting cut off that weekend cost me just under $9,000.00 in lost revenue, as that afternoon, there was a propane truck that over turned on I-15 between the Reservation and Chubbuck. 10 cars and trucks minimum, plus over turning the propane truck. Shortly after , signed up with Syringa here based in Twin Falls and had no problems what so ever. But Syringa got swallowed up by A.T.&.T and doesn’t work well in Evanston.  By the way anyone live near me that could bum an old Marine $8.00 for a can of lip dirt?



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