Then of course the online Romances, do any of these really work?


Twuz the night before Christmas and all over the place , not anyone with money, or even some Skoal for my face. Then got to doing some digging, and I might have figured or should have, but she (or-He) Slipped this morning asking for a big mighty gift card. Its either money laundering, or fraud or both, but I started smelling something more than fish taco, here a few ago. See this honey I met off of FB, that said all the right things with 3 different last names, and more phone numbers that the Hazzard phone company, made my gearz in my head start to turn. The biggest mover was a episode on a True Detective show, on TV(damn its great to have cable again)then wondered of all the people on Earth why something that hot would pick me? Not that I’m butt fugdugly, but I’m not going to get that kind of gals attention unless I’m holding a big roll of green, which right now I ain’t due to Pooh. So then did an image search through the NCIS Data base on women who defraud military Veterans. Her picture popped up faster than a toaster pastry. So I forwarded the information to my buddy and Club Member at the FBI, who is now the Western Regional Director of such. Seems as though these kinds of women scour the internet, FB and elsewhere, looking for just broke up military guys, then swoop in. Many of them don’t see the warning signals, and don’t think with a cops brain. I do, and as such wondered why a hottie like her was craving me? Why take the conversation off of Facebook? Why a bunch of things and why can’t she fly up here to be with me? Hey gotta give PoohBear credit, at least when she decided to meet up, she footed, albeit a bus ticket, but paid that herself. Which is one of the reason I busted hump to make that a success. But did I think that Emily was thee one? That her affections for me were real? No, Why would they be. I have though decided on a few things, First that all the hot women that are still able and available , have something wrong with them or carrying extra items in their life’s suitcase, that I don’t even want to get into. Women cost money, they crush hearts and despite my belief in Heavenly Father, still his Commandment of getting hitched and all like many things has done expired, since what’s out here any more looks so damn tired.

So if you see a gal that looks like this

>48386017_200031127615485_7008699440894574592_n 48429668_200031114282153_5311285372892741632_n then run do not walk away, and do not interact, as she will take you for big bucks. Even the FTC is now involved, in it at least something will be done.


Crazy Sig Bow Tieco rebel logo

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