Here it is Christmas another year in hell’s Paradise. I pray for the day that stuck up neighbors and others who can’t see a gift to me of a few dollars to buy me snuff, getting stuck and needing my tow truck.

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Remember that song from John Lennon that went, “ Well here it is Christmas, and What Have you Done?” Can’t answer the what did I do to or for others, more along the lines of what have others done for me. Outside of Kathleen Smith and family of near by Wendell Idaho, and a couple of interceding things , not one hell of a lot. I am wondering about all the so called extending of mind, and love that is supposedly this new structure of Ministering rather than Home Teaching. Either way , Since I been here in Western Idaho except on a very rare occasion that ain’t happened. In fact even though not that often practiced, Only one sweet lady Missionary from our 2nd Ward there in Jerome, even came to see me. The only time they got ambitious was when I was moving out. Of course here is Christmas Day, no Snuff, no green stuff to even go to McDonalds for Christmas Dinner, but I have a heckOfA great memory. As I will remember those that could have extended a friendly hand, in a ditch in very cold weather, stuck in snow needing a tow. Want to say, they going to wait a long time, perhaps until they are grey.  I have said it once, and I’ll say it again, its not nice to piss off your tow op. That circle of Karma will come back around, then that merry smile will be in a serious frown.

Okay then, PoohBear called yesterday night. Wishing me Merry Christmas, seems Pooh hasn’t been able to access electricity enough to charge her phone(I know BS but a wise wolf does not bite the hand that feeds him). So A got to listening some of my old radio shows still on the server at YouTube. Even then, we were , rather I was doing radio , better than anything in this valley then or now. I saw some places that would be groovy for studio space. So holding off part of my move to Wyoming for a few weeks even month. Sniff at some of these other places and see if any of this can be salvaged. Maybe Kathleen and Priscilla can run it after I get it established. The Radio Rendezvous would make one helluva concert hall etc for Kathleen’s Family Band. Maybe Kathleen needs to find some time and money to come over to the Old Towne here in Twin Falls and us do a visit somewhere. If I’m lucky Maverick will be open after a while, so I can go fetch food. But I pity the fools who turned their backs on me, when it gets really deep in snow and they need a tow.

TTYLY and Good Holidays to you from us here at:

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