Dr. Pimple Popper, and other strange TV show titles.

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I have to admit, even as much of a warped my mind is, doing a TV show with the title of Dr. Pimple Popper is beyond my sinister reaches. Now with that said, such TV shows as Hooker’s Gearz, might be a stretch, except the title. like its name sake, MY company Highway Hooker ToeWing says just what it is and what its all about. Towing, and the emergency disabled vehicle resque industry. We simply tow trucks and other rides that quit. That said, a great friend Stacy David after the TNN(Spike TV) show Trucks took a dive, Stacy recreated his show called Gearz. That came as part of the program line up of what was SpeedTV(aka Speed-Vision) That is now Motor Trend TV. With that said, and the fact that there seems, a slow but steady hobby, of those who either are in towing or used to be, wishing to revive and restore older tow trucks, even to the point of true all out customization. So we here in the Hazzard County Toewing Association/aka/Iron Knytes Toewing Association along with us here at Highway Hooker ToeWing/Cooter’s Toewing/SpeedWrench Toewing of Idaho,Wyoming and Utah, decided lets do up a show, to the network and see what bleeds. So a few of the higher ups liked the idea, and with Highway Thru Hell, on the Weather Channel, being the only show on TV any more about ToeWing, the egg was cracked and we are in heavy production of doing a show called Hooker’s Gearz. I need to say something here.

Since 1997 I have been on air and in vocation of a gig called AyreWolf Aviation/AyreWolfFM. Which isn’t dyeing but its at a point until we refire everything in a new location which I think we have found here in Twin Falls, on our own over the air and online show, www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf With that said, with everything that has happened over the last 4 months, I came to the realization, that maybe its time to focus on what I can really do and offer to the public, which is going towing. Why not expand that into both Radio, as well as TV? While HazzardAyre Radio and all isn’t going anywhere and will remain the flagship of the network, it’s a needed thing to remember, we started the radio gig in 1984 to be thee only radio/media voice of the American Toewing Professional. That is of course KTOW. As such the core of that was in 1985 going full towing as a radio show called Heavy Hooker Radio, which was rebadged as Highway Hooker Toewing in 2004.

Okay as I close, and perhaps its albeit not my favorite concept, living with them damn cock roaches here at the Old Towne Lodge of Twin falls, you see behavior that depicts that of some humans. That when the light is shown upon them they scurry and hide. Such as that gal named Emily Mitchell or what ever last name she may use in the gathering and consuming human males. I admit I was conned, she saw me on the verge(thank God it didn’t happen) of splitting from PoohBear as such this Emily swooped in like an owl swooping in on a mouse. She said everything I wanted to hear, just like that Jenni, did. Seems there’s a lot of emotionally injured women out there just looking to hammer it on unsuspecting males. My fear is there’s going to be thousands of military males that are going to get stung by these kinds of women. As time went on, this Emily decided to give me just enough online blow in my ear noises, that I was stupid enough to send this Emily, just a tad under $4,000.00 . Fortunately my bank in Etown flagged the withdrawal, and said no you ain’t and advised me of this gals intentions,seems as though this gal, has done this before. I wouldn’t have gotten wise as fast as I had, if infact that not only the bank, but my own fuzz training, got suspicious of red flags as she needed money for medicine to cure mother natures monthly visit, what pads and creams cost $5k? I don’t think so. Then there was the fact that flooded the view, when I said, there was not going to be any financial gifts to her, until she was here with me.I then sent a Google Hangout message that I am only a hard working tow truck op, and radio network manager. That I had limited cash flow, and that I was not going to be her sugar Daddy. Know what, no more chat’s , notices, or phone calls.

Any mile, mucho things on the boards for tomorrow so I’m headed for bed, but watch who you court online, and maybe other dating sites. If you don’t know em, leave em alone.


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