It must not take much of a brain drain to work at tech companies, or maybe its just too many can’t get out from behind their cubicles.

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Tonight into early this morning must be a web-tech nightmare. Seems as though that just about every tech uplink, and broadband speed system is out of sorts. Beyond that is there a meltdown at todays Tech companies? Such as Facebook, that can’t seem to get its steps together and its right hand, has no idea of what its left hand is doing. The interlinks seem way out of sync, none OF MY pages can I like as my OWN page, says privacy settings say I can post, my posts elsewhere. Bullshit, I made the frigging page, the pages represent the various subsidiaries of AyreWolf Aviation/Highway Hooker Toewing, an of course the Iron Knytes Association and all its subsidiaries. There are people, our members, many of whom are stationed at military bases and on American military NAVY Ships, needing to know what’s going on with the club, yet I can keep track of it to save my butt. But hey that’s not all. Nope Thursday I had placed an ad on 4 of our pages and in our groups for us searching for lady talent for our spring and summer yet , the ads got flagged by Zuckerburg’s minions as being discriminatory. Now I’d be willing to bet meatballs, that If Disney placed an ad on Facebook, looking for a lady to play Mary Poppins, that the ad wouldn’t get flagged. Side note, did any of you know who remains and was selected for special projects company for the Disney Channel’s Andi Mack? Yes; SouthernSteele Media(aka-Hazzard County Radio) Its not discriminating, its looking for a certain gender to play a specific role in a certain production. Just as much as its not discriminatory to to cast for a honey or two to play some of Pappy’s Lambs in the upcoming movie of the 214, nor does it discriminate by requesting talent for a lady to play Mary Poppins. Or for that matter Tinkerbelle. The problem and its not just Facebook, its everyone from Google to Pinterest to WordPress, the idiots are not getting out from behind their cubicles and looking outside at not only their immediate area of vision.

Now then as I close. To Corporate America. I understand you felt the need to seed the fields of commerce, by running thousands of dollars to give enlightenment to your products and services. Guess what? Christmas is over. Just like many take down the Holiday decorations(TV ads) put em away until next year.Finally. We lost the bid on buying the proposed sister to LexiBelle. Seems as over the weekend someone came in with a bit more money , in cash and their now gone. Hey some days you get the bear, some day’s the Bear gets you.


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