Of and On Rebels and Wolvez.

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oh my wolfFirst out of the Lair this extremely COLD Sunday, is its cold as a bankers handshake and all I’m doing is watching MotorTrend TV, aka SpeedTV , AKA Velocity. My question to those investors here’s an idea, give the damn network back to those who created it, aka the Knytes and of course me. SpeedTV was created out of my then Towing service, SpeedWrench Towing, that became SAMCRO TOEW, but it’s the idea, that myself, , my step son Mike, sitting in a front room with a gal from Rupert, Idaho said lets do up a 24/7 gear head style TV network, based on What was the POwerBlock, on then TNN(Spike) Network. Then of course came a different set of parameters, and here today is MotorTrend TV. Petersen Publishing who also did up Hot Rod and a few other publications like Car Craft, which I like better than the other two. but that’s personal preference.

Today is PoohBear’s birthday she’s now in the mid 40th lap on the race of life. nearly grown up , but still a kid in others. Next this coming week, I’m headed over to Margie’s to get all this damn hair cut off of me, pay shop rent and get my ass moved to Evanston, and grow beyond that. This life style here at the grand Old Towne Lodge is not that swell. When you open up the micro groove and you see 3 cock roaches climb out of the nuclear cooker, its time to think , hey this ain’t it. So lets ease into today’s thoughts.

Every day I see pages, groups, and others that bark about being in and for Wolves, and/or the Causes or causes of southern heritage. But that’s all they do, is sit on a keyboard(where its safe and warm) and say they are willing to do this, and/or do that. Here’s the truth, whether its wolves or rebels, they are all that unless declaring this or that might hinder their love of living on the outside or inside, or for that matter might put the skids to that powerful SSI money. Nope if being for the causes might create some sweat on money benefits somewhere they back off. Right now its everyone is for Trump, in a way so am I, but let me remind my southern patriots, in reality the Southern people were not Republican’s, remember, Lincoln was a Republican, southern folks or those who walked in the heels of Jefferson Davis were DEMOCRAT’s nor republicpukes. I don’t like either one, and as such in 2007 a friend of mine from South Carolina named Steve Monk, he began a very serious, just not as aggressive southern movement. Under that we started as gear heads group to get our noses into politics. Steve started work into the idea, of establishing a political party called the Confederate National Party, aka CNP. Of three western state, Wyoming, Utah and at the final just before the election in 2008 Idaho. The Confederate National Party became a bonfide political party. While the few candidates that we placed on the party’s masthead, still the CNP got recognition. Today whether any one wants to take a look the CNP, is alive, and we could gather enough oomph to get the CNP in front of both liberals, and what I will call, Conservative Liberals. Yea it is that people talk a big game until its to suit up and get on the field to really play in the game. Then comes the preservation and defense of the Wolf. First off, the Wolf is only a canine in some very minor species building blocks. One should not compare a wolf to a simple mongrel mutt. The manipulation of the ecological world of animal and so called idiotic human is just well, idiotic. The fact is this. Few years ago, some tree huggers feeling bad for our canine counterparts, took bird, trailer, trailer trucks and so on, went to Canada, forced the wolves into those crates and trailers, and then transplanted the wolves into Yellowstone, thinking the wolves would stay there. Not so. Now I could go on here, but just to simplify this, people are willing to bark and howl, about something, until they are mandated or simply requested to pony up, or at least do something for a cause. Putting it street simple, everyone is for preservation of everything Rebel and all until its time to sit up and take action, just as much, its all ya’ll can do is talk about Wolf things, until its time to do Wolf Things. Like I always say, the Knytes do, what everyone else just whimpers about.

Happy Birthday, my PoohBear.

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