As we wind down the year of 2018 and enter 2019, I’m not sad to see the sunset of 2018 as 2018 was a , no, thee year of hell.

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Pappy's LogAs we conclude and wind down the year of 2018 and head into the horizon of 2019 I must say, 2018 was indeed my year of super hell. The year started out sorta okay, I was in grumpy but manageable Wendell Idaho, with albeit a small one, but some what of a surplus. Then came March, nearly was homeless. But some fast talking and strong arm twisting saved the house,at least up to the 1st of May. Now the start of April, found that some twisted Oriental jerk, had mangled and violated LexiBelle. Understand I left LexiBelle in Wyoming for two things, a fuel tank problem that needed replacement and two , because of advice a rewire. Seems as all I did wasn’t very good. If PoohBear hadn’t cut me short in 2017, on funds so I could keep my shop, I’d have never ever moved to Idaho. But promises by both Cable-One,, CenturyLink, and a few others including but not limited to some spoiled wanna be models from this Tragic Valley of Idaho, kept me here. First of May, Super Fox, Chandra was getting out of the cross bar hotel, due to being entangled in a situation, and as such I was looking real strong at Boise as a home. Had my sites set was outta Wendell headed for the city of trees, found that the account from the owners of the Wentworth of Evanston was transferable to the Boise Area. So had some money saved , waiting on PoohBear’s money, and with a week into June, hired a gal named Angel, who was to run things in the trashy Tragic Valley that is so filled with absolute stupid, I’m not talking an occasional slip of brain drain, I’m talking retarded pedaling backasswards stupid. Found PoohBear’s money had been hijacked so had to go to plan B, move the radio gig, and for a time me to Jerome. Which is where I got tangled up with Cook Realty and Tyson Cook. Where what’s said, ain’t what’s done. Started out with getting smoked out to neighbors in the upstairs apartment, followed by heat stroke, where found late July that the bigger apartment with air conditioning would be available. So I scraped off the first move idea to Wyoming, and got the upstairs, for $850.00 a month. No deposit if I could and would clean it up and air it out. So called on my dear friends in Wendell, named Smith, to help. Kath and crew came over, went Bizzardvark on the place. But came September, found the Cook’s wanted more. Guess they thought I was a cash steer or something. They wanted rent plus the deposit on the place , $1800.00 were they kidding? No they were not kidding. Pay up or get out. Came the 1st of October, had the tent pitched into the wind of Wyoming, attempt 2move. But weather and all did not allow that, plus the poultry $300.00 I made busting my butt for and with Deseret Industries, pulling my shoulder which still isn’t healed getting my hot rod repoed again. Some fast talking to the new Bishop, and rescued the car. Then came the snow storm from hell, so no departure at the end of November, which brought me to December. Thank God, and I mean that as defined, decided to remain on station here in Idaho, at least until now. Will 2019 be better? I think so, am lining up people and Knytes members to get things rolling again, in Wyoming. Not saying Evanston is so great, but in many ways while not as populous as Twin Falls is, still Evanston, is making strides towards progress and being within an hour from Utah and Metro Salt Lake City, means human resources the Club and I can tap into, that will never be in Tragic Valley Idaho for another 250 years into the future. When the rest of the planet is using molecular transport, aka beaming to get from place to place, Twin Falls will still be trying to find a way to shift out of 2nd gear even double clutching it, and getting off a horse pulled stage coach.

Going to do a thing on Artificial Intelligence, and such things as WordPress,Google,and of course my pet peeve, Facebook. AI is only as good as the HI(Human-Intelligence) that writes the code and, makes AI possible. Stay tuned. Oh and need to say this, got green lights on three film/series gigs in Utah/Wyoming today. The True Story of the 214, Hazzard Knytes, and the revised AirWolf has been approved. Plus some walk on and specialty work on Andi Mack on the Disney Channel.

Good night ya’ll .

Before I go, and I need to get this out, and as of yet don’t know what its all about. But I started getting dreams, I call them visions from the future. One part has the Smith’s in a rather large home near Heber Utah, with Myself and PoohBear living just outside of PickleVille Utah, on the Utah/Idaho border. I will get into the depths of this in future entries here. But its been said that Ancient see-ers of the Church saw much of future happenings and direction in their sleep. While I certainly would never think I have that depth of focus or anything, I gotta wonder am I seeing something even deeper? As I saw, land being cleared near Paris Idaho just outside of Montpelier, for the construction of a new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Temple. Business wise it don’t make sense , since the Church just built and dedicated a Temple just outside of Afton Wyoming, a couple years ago, and Afton Wyoming and Montpelier/Paris Idaho is not that far away from each other. Yet I saw it. Could this be a future happening?

Stay tuned.

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