Friends, let’s face it, the Internet is broken and way to chicken of it self. Time for Knyte-Grooves.

hazzard gazzette header backKnyte Grooves

I have been trying most of the nyte to grind something out here, and after 3 hours of Garage Squad, the conclusion of Descendants on the Disney Channel, and doing graphic work at 04:00 I’m finally able to howl. Which the crux of my howl this morning is in fact all things Geek, and IT. Let’s face it friends the Internet, and many sites are in dire need of new seed. The creators and censors and all on social sites like but not limited to Facebook needs to take off their blinders and see what’s going on. More over remove their bias’s on things that are posted there. A few ago, saw three pages of things Dixie and Confederate barking about being gave the Facebook freeze and interrogation. Really. Some body chimed in there about it being too bad there isn’t a rebel social site. Excuse me? What the revenuers did they think ours here is all about? The Hazzard County Gazzette’s website is another. Besides myself, Ray of Dixie has offered to put one up, and include it on his site, if there was enough interest shown. Yet for so many that get that time of the month over Facebook, the tampon heads are still there, on: Facebook. Now let’s not just pick on grand ole Mark Zuckerburg’s pride and joy, it don’t matter if its them at FB or in the trenches at The Internet is broken and needs a revision and upgrading, not to mention a full overhaul. Even to the point that such old gems as AltaVista amongst others including Lycos are still out there. Outside of huge metro areas bandwidth has not been increased in the recent Century. CenturyLink, who the Knytes are filing a suit against for breach of contract and revenue loss, for just over a quarter of a million bucks, but CenturyLink which used to be a landline telecom which few use any more, most have went to Cell systems, CenturyLink, PMT, and others just have not invested the kinds of $’s to make a quicker more get to it connection. Back about 8 or so years ago, there was an act concocted by The FCC, to create a all for all super broadband connection that was supposed to be for even the remotest hook up for Internet, mainly broadband, funded in part by the Feds, the rest from Telecom’s etc. That’s why there was a mad rush to get you to shyt can your analog TV for digital. So that would free up what termed White Space or spectrum. What happened to that? Simple; the big Cell carriers, like Verizon, A.T.&.T amongst others bought up that airwaves real estate, and said piss on the rural people. Of course one of the proponents of the idea is currently the FCC chairperson, who at the time was a huge exec at Verizon. Which the same damn thing happened shortly after Trump was sworn into office. Huge amounts of Spectrum was remapped and many local still living like KBAX and KCJY of Twin Falls Idaho were shoved off the air. But I’m getting off topic here. There really needs to be a Web-3.0 or even a Web-3.1 brought into being. If Fakebook and others want to farm off everyone that don’t agree with their idea of iOt and such, why not let the bias be on the free offering, and have a $20.00 a month pay to use, version, where you could post and bark and squall to your hearts desire what you REALLY want to say.Consider this; if Fakebook set up a pay to use offering, and charged say $20.00 per month, the billions of current Fakebook users, could pay to use. Now then make it mandatory that the money raised would be used to improve what’s out there, plus expand the offerings. Then the Internet could be repaired, upgraded and made much better. Have a slight kickback to the Telecom’s like CenturyLink, and all to improve their systems. As it is, too much artificial intelligence and virtually no real intelligence.

Chat with you this afternoon. Much to do today.

Good numbers to ya’ll.

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