No war or battle was ever won by quitting

Cooters Corner

Yesterday I had a rude awakening. Not the couple upstairs balling each other and hearing straining bed springs. Nope , My phone was unplugged. Yep disconnected after how many years with Verizon, and they couldn’t wait until President Trumps Military Pension dispensing system puts money into my bank account. Nope, no money at least until mid week next week which means I’m going to be humbling myself to my new Bishop over here for rent money. Then came the delay with PoohBear who nearly got run over going to the store to send me money, which caused her to bust her arm. So with that and the constant $5.00 a day overdraft charges. Which wouldn’t have been a problem, had DoD and President Trump fuggling up the Government money just because he needs to prove a point, that he will build the great wall. Watch Michelle Obama become President in…

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