Thank God I am Southern Fried and can still Fly

Thank God I am Southern Fried and as well as I can still fly. For those with their feet and minds so on the ground and those that can’t see anything beyond their immediate view is all too much at least restricted. It’s like making a race horse wear blinders and all so it can’t divert their attention to other things in the wider focus. I was reading with some hilarity, some udderings from a few so called and I mean so called Confederate and so unknowing rebel pages and groups on FB and elsewhere, that the thought or question comes up, would they want to see a rebirth of the reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard? I am not so much sure any more. Now saying that I’m speaking treason and all is not accurate. I am as much if not more of a fan and dedicated to everything the show itself was based on. As well as what it all was about. That said two attempts at ,motion pictures based on the series, that went into the toilet, and might have made much more sense had they used the original actors on the movies that were on the TV show version > . However April Scott doing Cousin Daisy was in my opinion much better than Cathy Bach did it. Plus the fact that there are so many other TV shows that have been shifted in being resurrected and put on TV and those that have been plainly forgotten. Two of which we are working on in colaboration. AirWolf and BJ & The Bear. With redouxing a short lived series produced by Kountry celebrity Kenny Price, about a bunch of sweet hearts that are tow truck drivers by day, Private detectives by night.  That series was called the Highway Honey’s that should have ran longer to gain a following and it had as much appeal as B.J.&the Bear had. Doing reruns of the Dukes isn’t such a bad idea. I can watch several episodes and see my own name as well as that of the Hazzard Knytes in the credits. Thing is after awhile it gets, really boring. You want to see a continuation of a story line, or make several episodes on one plot. They did that twice, even casting the same lady who played DiDi McCall on the cop show Hunter. When the producers of the show started using miniture cars and such, and trying to make more money, but spending less on production, it was clearly seen by many of us involved that it was time to close the book on it. They tried to do two TV Movies based on the series, which without, Boss Hogg, and a few others, and trying to urbanize it in the last made for TV movie based on the Dukes, the entire enterprise was spoiled. So my answer as it was then, remake it based on the movie from which the Dukes came from, fine. Let’s see a remake of the MoonRunners then redoux it into a weekly series that way, but as it is just running reruns. No. It’s like watching puppies lick their balls. At first it looks cute, but then after awhile just looks trashy.  More on the subject of me getting back into and back on the air later, but I need sleep. I can say, that with that blooming Cell phone off for a time, its refreshing, not having to listen to thousands of telemarketers and collection firms calling me at all hours. I can really sleep. 

L8R Aviators,

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