Report from the Wolf’s Lair


Friday morning, rent needs to be paid, PoohBear’s funds got muddied again, and now need to tuck tail, and brown nose the new Bishop for rent money. Verizon got cut off, and with some of my own monies I had to go and get a throw away phone from MetroPCS, which isn’t near the phone or abilities of my older phone from Verizon. But it was a war of wills between $600.00 to Verizon, due to the money farting around by PoohBear, and the Government screwing me out of $400.00 which the bank in Wyoming, charging me $5.00 a day for overage charges. Can I pull enough together to fix this? Yes, but its going to mean I’m broke all month. Of which I have just said pee on ETown. There was a reason I left there in the beginning, and yes some business can be generated there, that isn’t within easy reach here. That said, when one bank honors a old check to one of my financial accounts at Wells Fargo, there for $600.00 just before I departed, and then having to set up an account with another bank there to cover my butt. And me having to go through a living hell, because of shortages, with change in my phone came a change in my attitude. Stay the f**K put. DoD held up my pension, due to the fact I never told them I was moving, yet the excuse came that they had sent paperwork but it got returned , in Jerome, plus The Bank in Wyoming experienced the same thing, yet the power bill, water bill, natural gas bill, and a few other things got there. So why not 1st class mail? Why? Simple, Jerome Idaho is mini Tijuana no speak Española, nothing gets done. Hey I support Trumps gig on the wall. I say put guards at the fence with auto weapons, and lam blast every beaner crossing through without a green card. As far as the breaking up families? Got a solution, blast em all, no kids, no old ladies. No Beaners. Want to come to our nation? Fine get the right paperwork, if not get the feeling of a 50 cal enema. Just like this honey in Africa that is wanting the WolfPacks help to get here. Hey I’m all for it. Her son could be a great asset to us. However between the immigration policies, lack of a cash flow, and all whose going to pay for it? The WolfPack’s funds are frozen pending the law suit against CenturyLink and Cook Realty. That $.5 million recovery will be nice, but its going to take time to recover that. As far as LexiBelle? Right now as far as I can see, the best thing, is pay to have Charlie bum me a carrier and go fetch it, bring it back here to MY SHOP and fix it so I can get going towing again. Not saying anything bad against our Wyo rep there, but his plate is full to the point he has no way of fixing the truck. More over I have tried very hard to get Rick to relocate here to build a company, I know where there’s a place for $2,000.00 a month, that includes those two other trucks I been eyeballing. As far as AyreWolf Aviation? I’m having to fly out of 4 airports until our new facility is built near Buhl, Idaho. Out of one of those other 4 ports, last night one of our good helo’s got ransacked with near $10k worth of damage. Sure we’re working with the fuzz on it, but That $10k, has got to be made up somewhere. Add to that the $12,k a day lost on the radio op, and yet someone hounds me for money to bring her stateside. Sure we knock down $50,k a month, but only see about if we’re lucky $5,k a month in return on the investment. Add to that the bi-monthly trips between Boise and Utah, for treatments for my Cancer and all, and it eats up lottamonies fast. Look I was going broke in Evanston to begin with. I moved, its time to make that move completely official.

Stay Tuned. L8R Aviators,

me mini1

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