Goody’s Powders, Jack Daniels, and a fresh can of SKOAL ORIGINAL WINTERGREEN is what’s needed when doing anything Internet.

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These are the things that are required any more for a successful and none turbulent trip down the Cyber highway aka the InterWeb.

goodys skoal1338858437-jack_daniels_bottle-10208

If you don’t have those things, stay away from the InterWeb. Seems that we have had a rash of folks sticking their noses into our pools of manure any more. Just when you get things figured out, something or someone comes through and invades your space. Why? It’s a known fact that I don’t carry large sums of cash, barely hanging on, and as poor as a Church mouse. As far as the Syndicate is concerned, shyt, there’s a slight battle going on between the WolfPack and the Knytes, but these things usually cure themselves over a period of time. On one side the Knytes, want me to dump PoohBear, find quarters for things that can be sustained over a long period of time and get back to generating content on the radio as well as generating income. Rid myself of what has continually caused me to loose traction. On the other side, the WolfPack says keep PoohBear, make sure she’s in it for the long haul and make damn sure she’s going to put full $600.00 a month payments into our cash stash. If not, PoohBear has to be excluded from all things syndicate. I’m about there now. The contributing the full $600.00 as long as that lasted was good, it gave me and the Syndicate the ability to do business and split expenses, here lately her only forking out half amounts, means I’m coughing out more out of my jeans. And that means there is no immediate plans for no damn wedding, much less cohabitation. It just is not healthy. Last month when she was off line for awhile and I had made the decision to dump her, there were no less than 20 of both female and male associates and friends that said, that would be the healthiest thing that I could do. Angela even said the relationship was toxic. My main mission in this life outside of my love for LexiBelle, is to serve those who have served and those who continue to serve, both in my own squadron, as well as all units of all branches of military service, who have braved this life to strap on an aircraft and defend this nation, through flight. There’s a need for changes. I turned off the Wyoming cell phone, both because I can’t afford it, and two the attitude of Verizon. Sure I understand their problem that the bill was 121 days late. Which comes back around to PoohBear. I need to begin work to distance myself there and no longer rely on her, since she’s no longer dependable. Her excuse this time was something to do with her Mom’s Social Security thing. Real thing? Her Mom helped her brother, her aunt fucked PoohBear out of $300.00 and I got just a smidgen. Hey it is her money, but the reunification a year ago or so, was no money, no honey. Yes this is a New Year, and I am, changing things. With any change and growing there is hurt and sacrifice. I can’t very well sue my shit head cousin Bud for him skimming money off the top of mine, nor the investment that he made into an annuity, that went sour taking mine along with it. In time, yes $185,million will be recovered , less attorney’s fees. But until some property is sold in California in the Hollywood area is sold, and that money put back into the pot, I’m on strictly a military pension, and a tad bit of SSI. Past that any bread crumbs from towing, and flying is a bonus. Likewise out of every $100.00 of revenue the Syndicate gets for and from the radio op, I get $20.00, which if it ain’t on the air, no money.

More L8R Aviators, my wrist is awfully sore.

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