Young women ought to not take on vocations that involves intelligence or responsibility.

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Women younger than about 28 years old into mid 30’s should never be assigned or hired for any kind of vocation or job, that requires them to think, outside of a box, or beyond a written script. They just can’t function. Especially if they are working with other women their age, or younger. Or at a place that they feel useless in, which they are to begin with. Not saying all women are stupid, not saying that after a very long period(no pun intended) of training they can’t function, but even then a guy should be there that have at least had their balls dropped. I’m sorry our education system has not taught any kind of immediate problem solving, the always party mental state is constant. And by themselves women don’t do much except carve things out on FakeBook. What began this path of mental flight of mine here is this. Tired of the crap with Verizon, who signed me up to begin with in Evanston, Wyoming as at first a business, which is why I needed the damn thing, and all I decided that now I have a choice so, signed up with this MetroPCS a division, of T-Mobile. First I get a phone that I have no damn idea how to operate fully, not much help in showing me how by the phillies that are at the Twin Falls Idaho store. I signed up with an entirely different dealer in Jerome, with some gal, that had finger nails so damn long she could not even open the back of my phone without my help to install the SMS card. Add to that told me the thing I signed up for at $25.00 a month is all I needed. But hey no email, no texts, no nothing except a basic phone. To get that it was extra money, but the one store next to a women’s underwear store, and the seatcovers working there, had no clue as to what I needed nor how to solve the problems I was having. Although I am just starting to remedy the malfunctions on my own still T-Mobile’s claim that they wont bounce your inquiry and that they don’t use bots to help you is a down right lie. Bottom line, it took albeit barely able to speak English at the kiosk at the Magic Valley Mall but it took a guy to fix the problems. Although even they are not to swuft. When it comes to women especially younger women today, it is my observation, that as long as your putting them in front of a camera by hot rods, or such, then fine. Put em on the air, with radio, with a MALE co-Anchor fine. Anything past that.  Don’t even try. Women should stick to selling essential oils, or vcosmetics like Mary K, or Avon, past that no. Except maybe assisting a Doctor, or serving food. In my years I have come to the conclusion, that even those in the medical fields, should be chosen only if and only IF, they are older than say 36 to their early 50’s. By then the biological restraints have ran their course. 

This month I had most of everything planned out. Rent, $650.00, shop, $875.00, Cell phone $400.00. Yet sweet PoohBear somehow muddied things up. Obviously PoohBear can’t do the full $600.00 a month any more without dipping into her Mom’s money. My thought is, If I can sacrifice to build my side of the company, and pay dues to the WolfPack, she should too. That is one of the requirements in the us getting back together thing. So with that , once again I’m sweating. I’m getting, nearer and nearer, to going with the idea many have told me to do, cut PoohBear loose and do this on my own somehow, and find some gal that has the $’s that’s willing to contribute. Glad my Mom And Dad, knew how to pool their monies together, that’s how they built their mini empire. They worked together, as such I had a dang great childhood, more over our family was strong. Now finally, and at times its a curse and a blessing.

It’s no secret to any body that for some unknown reason as even I don’t know, that there’s an attraction to women wearing nylon hosiery. The Musk scent, the texture or just the look. Two ladies that I know, very well, tried to near suffocate me with covering my nose and mouth once or twice so as to where I’d get my fill of that. The reverse happened just the opposite. The more I engulffed the scents and all, the more I wanted it. As such I was lucky for a short time, to get into a gig that was all about legs, nylons and such with the Dukes-of-Hazzard, and sweet Daisy. Few legs on earth match her’s she even had them insured for $50,000.00 , $25,000.00 each leg. As I looked on this the other night, I thought, its been a long run(no pun intended) to this affliction affection. Dig this I own and operate a TOW(TOE) Truck, one of the best locations for the radio gig, just happened to be next to , a foot doctor in Etown,(not kidding) the list goes on. The list goes on, but there is both a dare/challenge and financial reward, for the right lady , with the right set of feet,legs,toes and all to do a time long distance project, for me to set the Worlds Record, for me putting lips and nose against feet and toes in nylon hose. Put pledges together to donate to the Shriner’s Hospital in Utah, but the goal is to get me to the point to where the need of me doing that is cured.  Deets later here.

Finally here, I’m still working on things here. One of the big problems I’m having is on my passwords. Seems as though I have a troll or something fowling things up. Don’t know if its that I’m running over public wifi, or what, but it seems just when I get one fixed, I’m having to redoux another. I’m thinking that its that Emily, that invaded my space a few weeks ago. Don’t know, but this really requires some serious sniffing around. All of this because of many events from PoohBear fowling up rent in Jerome two months ago, to me getting evicted, which meant no hard core wired IP. Just Wifi. Time to call in a few experts. One damn thing I do know and I don’t care if it does add one more asshole to the sue list, if I find out the malady is due to this joint, New Leaf Properties will be owned by me. My big question to them is simple. There’s an older phone system in this structure. Why not run or allow tenants to have installed a wired connection? 


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