Do as you say say what your going to do. say what you mean, mean what you say

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I have lately started seeing a few replies to my rants here from people that have no or at least little clue of the circumstances. The replies come from people who think I’m always looking for a handout. This is not true. I’m happy and content with working for a wage or making my own , in my own way and gaining a fair wage. What gets me out of joint is people who say this is what it is, or how much you need pay, but then increase, without due process or by writing, the amount I need to pay. When the rent kept increasing in Wendell, I went along with some of the robbery because he could, only because the guy worked with me. But then in Jerome, go in at $500.00 a month, then going, albeit high to $850.00 a month, but then get charged a big deposit, even though it was verbally agreed, that I would clean, de-orderize and repair the house up stairs, that the deposit would be waived. Great. So Kathleen and family came over and fixed , cleaned, and sweat , I was where I thought I would be. Granted the idea of the tiny office was put to rest, but after awhile , seemed every month, as I figured everything down to the final cent, the jerk would raise the money owed. Until the 1st of October I was okay, but October held some unusual situations. Including my car being repoed, simply because I didn’t get a chance to drive to Wendell, to pay my car payments since I was then, working at Deseret Industries, hey I was working, and I liked working. I rather have work, and earning my own , rather than step on my pride and grovel just to get a morsel. In my business, I can’t count how many times I have swallowed a few dollars, when I quote a tow, for a certain amount, I stick to that amount. Especially realizing that as my Dad used to say, the person you piss off or cheat today, might be that person you need to ask for a job from tomorrow. 

Okay then, some have said they can’t find my new phone. Excuse me, just look on the title page of the blog

It’s that simple, just look at the blog , just about everything I do, feel or is news of views of the Knytes is on it. Sometimes several times a day. I am not a begger by choice, but too I think , maybe for several families in this area, myself as well as the Knytes, perhaps we shouldn’t have been so generous. But that’s not the Knytes’s way, and its not Gods way. 

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