on the road to healing, just not all there yet.

Before I get into my rant here, I want to say that I’m eternally grateful to the staff, nurses, and all for the great care I got at St. Lukes here in Twin Falls. For once I didn’t just get the ER flush out and be sent on my way. I was admitted , and while the hospital gown made me look like a bald Mini Pearl, and ever parading around in my BVD’s and no one said anything. However I’m not fully cured. Seems that ones gall stones and gall bladder can grow back. So Tuesday coming I go in for the micro surgery to remedy that. But for once I really got care, the medications I needed, and while there a few hours I feel like I got punched in the gut, still I’m doing a tad better.

So I get to my quarters and find it had been packed up and put in the office, including my clothes. Then found all my little VMA 214 patch the one I was first issued when I joined up with the 214, and my gold wings. Then after following a thread found my wings, but not the patch. In short some female taco, is going to be brought on the carpet. If that wasn’t enough because money wasn’t applied in and to the propper places radio gear is stored at the shop, until I pay the rent there, add to that yesterday morning, I was awakened by the female taco, using her pass key to just come in to gather her cleaning Gear. After I caught a few more hours of sleep here came another guy taco manager with a frigging rentacop. Really? Just tell me your coming, its not like I really need to harbour a broom and a mop. There’s a discussion coming. 

Still batteling with Laurette’s mess. What I can’t get through her head and the fact that jean green is very lean, doing anything with the department of Immigration, HomeLand Security, especially with Trump putting the woah on domestic government operations, agencies and all to force his will on building the Mexican border wall, means everything on the task has been brought to a halt . Not my choice, beyond my capacity to fix right now. I understand that Laurette, is under stress, and all, But as good as we are, there is even for us , limitations. 

Of course the young steers in Jerome who I rented the big complex from, that still feels like we are , rather me an still the cash cow is still bellering for money. Seams the place he was in such a rush to kick me out of, he can’t rent for the money he wants for it each month. Maybe he should have just left things alone eh? Tried several times and so did PoohBear to get in touch with Ktheleen while I was in the hospital, and I lost the number of my Bishop. Had it in my other phone, and since Verizon, locked it, can’t access many if any of my contacts.

Was all hell bound doing Cooter’s Toewing here and working up RodeWolf Towing in Morgan Utah and area the thought came why not do Cooter’s in Morgan, and build RodeWolf Towing here in the tragic Valley? Any mile at least I’m alive, feeling much better. The Doctor and medical staff at St. Lukes here all said if I don’t slow down, reduce my stress level as well as reduce my work load, the next body break down could be my last one, remember not only do I suffer with cancer, but add to that diabtes , and now add to that for party favors, I now have COPD, meaning soon I’ll need to get an oxegyn bottle, and or breathing apparatus. I see the same things in me that one of my Mentors, Phil, of Phil’s Interstate Towing went through towards the time he left this world. Towing is one of the best professions on earth, it has its great moments, but at the same time it will take everything out of you. The worry, the duties, and months , and weeks of no time off, no vaca’s and holidays? Really no life outside of the toew life. Any mile its going to be cold here, today, Hazzard is about the only place with Sunshine.


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