I hate bullies, especially between employees by older women feeling a need to preserve their territory, and job.

I just hate bullies, especially when its being displayed by employees to fairly new employee who is just starting to get her legs under her. For as far back as I can remember going to the Depot Grill was a treat. Great food served home made and never being not being satisfied. Up until a week ago, Saturday when I ordered my normal French toast combo, which made me deathly sick to where I got food illness and had to go to the hospital past Tuesday. Food quality and prep is a real problem at most area eating establishments here in Twin Falls. But that even can be over looked. But there’s this sweet little thing that works most afternoons there at least weekends that is so charming you really want to stay there. Now I don’t know what slight goof up she did but this one older Wait-person there named Annie chewed her out to where my little angel there was in tears. I was surprised to see not only see her work the entire shift, but has stood it out this long. Then I go Saturday, tried something simple a Grilled Cheese. Which I ate only part of, and left. Then came Sunday(Yesterday) and our sweet heart was being being bitched out again, by another older blonde waitress in there. I don’t like seeing these episodes. Some of these kinds of things might be related to our gal making a mistake or two, but our little angel being grilled by two older gals in there looking to preserve territory. And perhaps their jobs. Maybe our angel makes mistakes, but there a way to correct another employee than by hurting their feelings or bringing them to tears. Its just not right. I love Sarah, Sammi, and a few others in there, but these two need an tiitude adjustment. Just because they can lord it over another , don’t mean they should. Might just be time to kick it in gear to open the Reaper, here. Stay tuned.

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