Enough with the reruns and Reality TV, Please!!

HCG HEADER BIG1tv and beyond

Enough with the reruns and Reality TV, please!! Seems you can’t turn on any broadcast TV channel without somebody digging up or producing some sort of prime time game show or some reality TV program. NBC being the worst of it. But hey cable, which is the normal deliver path of most, satellite TV is still catching up, as well as streaming TV networks like Netflix, Hulu etc.I even tried Sony’s Crackle, but was terribly disappointed. But even pay TV, still is on a mission impossible. Even the grand Disney Channel, and now MotorTrend TV is still getting their feet wet. Seems as though all you see is rerun, after rerun. Even our precious Dukes-of-Hazzard has had that problem. Everyone wants it back in rerun form. Which really would be a dis-service to the fans of the show. I’d much rather see a serious effort at reviving it, taking what was good in the two major movies of the show, and casting the important parts, and giving the middle finger to those who are just terrified of our battle flag. In my opinion its there own self  paranoia and lack of knowledge. But I’m getting off track a bit.

The Reality TV thing started out of program need, networks needed program, the screen writers guild was on strike, and by the time the mud slinging stopped the ability to recover, write new episodes and give something for that years fall season was again mission impossible. So in came a concept; a program platform that needed little of if any kind of script. Throw out some big money, a format and invite near none unknown contestants and put em on TV. The first of this was the big bang Series on FoX broadcast then we had even more TV series introducing new musical talent to the public. Some even where the audience could vote via cell phone of who they like. This was the first effort into interactive TV, which Google in their effort to become the streaming lead put into their OTT offering. Again I’m getting off course. Since that strike, in mid 2007 Hollywood has not had ANY new creative brains amongst themselves. Add to that banks that are willing to fund studios even the major ones with the $’s to produce off the wall out of the box fresh productions. So we are stuck with junk on the tube.


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