Then of course there’s the Disney Channel, Question is shouldn’t there be a Confederate or a Dixie Channel?

HCG HEADER BIG1tv and beyond


What would it be to have a cable/satellite TV channel dedicated to all things confederate/Dixie?

For as long as I can remember, there has been this underlying concept of launching a full service cable/satellite channel dedicated to all things Southern. The first step in that direction, came in late 2004 while residing in Centerville Utah. There was a cruise that took us through the tiny Wyoming town of CokeVille . Which had a place that could have handled the studio. After some very serious bad happenings with the local authorities there. The plan went on freeze mode. We gave the channel the name Farm Kountry TV , which was a primer for the cat who launched RFDTV. With that out of our hands we looked at what and where else could this be done? So project moved to Evanston Wyoming, to yes, a office complex owned by a foot doctor. The first step there was the radio station. So KDER or Dixie-Eagle Radio. Taking on then the same station that we in years to follow to buy. Ya’ll see the Knytes, never say, just because it hasn’t been done, don’t mean you shouldn’t. In mid 2008, just before the SAMCRO MC thing hit we formed a mini LLC called SouthernSteele Media. In mid 2011 while residing in Buhl, under just about the same living conditions as I’m in now, I got a vivid prompting and a sudden smack in the head by Heavenly Father. In mid 2012, that prompting was launched as HazzardAyre Radio, Which lives still today. But we are not done there. Something Big John said a few weeks ago, now lets go big or go home. Lets do Dixie-TV. Now for the Disney Channel.

I’ve always been impressed with the creative brains at the Disney Channel. They come up with some of the best series ideas and shows. Some of this years new shows is really hip and peppy. I compare Dixie-TV with the Disney Channel in the idea, of a channel that has shows that entertain, make us laugh, even deliver a message without a bunch of sex, drugs, death, and all things gruesome. Even shows like I used to love, set in a more rural focus. From the Beverly Hillbillies to Petticoat Junction. Maybe even a relaunch of something on the concept of HeeHaw. What about a slightly older adult version of say Kim Possible? Of course we would not be opposed to building, producing and executing the remake of , yes The Dukes-of-Hazzard. How about a revised renewed version of the MoonRunners the movie that was the pilot movie to the Dukes-of-Hazzard? So yes we have been quiet, but there’s a ton of things going on. We found a facility that could easily house the TV as well as the Radio station.

Yes: KFXc9V1d


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