Did you know? You can’t make better fries than those at McDonalds by law?

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So was talking to a friend this morning about the upcoming launch of the Reaper here in Twin Falls. The subject came up , since I’m still in recovery of the junk I was served at the Depot Grill, a few weeks a go now. So was chatting on food quality and such and I said, as we were chowing down at the McDonalds here about why can’t French fries be made elsewhere that’s as good as or as slim cut as those served at McDonald’s. The answer is, if a commercial eating establishment does serve fries as good or even better, they can be held liable for copyright infringement. In towing at least Ada County and a few other areas, that used to be the case with truck colors. You could not have the same truck paint colors as any other tow company. The idea was that a cop working a scene, could identify a company just by color combination. Some trade marks can be good, and some not so, but they can enhance a marketing program. Here at all the companies under and as part of Highway Hooker Toewing, including RodeWolf Toewing, the Toew Smooch IJUSTLOVETOEWS for good or sinister has became our signature. Icons are also important. From the GEICO Gecko , to Tony The Tiger, for Frosted Flakes. People whose bread ain’t quite done, need a focal point, or a sub conscience message, to remember a company or product. A simple mis-spelling of the name such as Toewing, instead of Towing. But its amazing that even something as great as the fries of McDonalds, can’t be made as good or even better than that of McDonalds.

Feeling a bit better today, still kind of groggy, from yesterday’s surgery and all. It was so simple however. Went in , they did micro surgery with a optic tube to view it all, then a mini tube hooked to a vacuum cleaner thing, and more tube to swoosh everything. 2 hours later the only I was out and okay. Here’s a tip, don’t try eating anything solid after such things. Certain foods don’t mix with barium.

More L8R.

Stay Tuned.

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