Your news should be Local, as well as on time and current.

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I was reading in this morning’s RadioInk that Facebook is looking to invest big money into covering local and regional news in the near future. This would not be bad, except for one thing the few outlets that Facebook, let alone local contributors news coverage is far from current, extremely past due on anything you need to know now. While we might have been laxed here at the Hazzard Gazzette, you can always be certain that at least once per day there’s a timely post that is of today, and news you can use. Guess the fake news barrier and squabble at Facebook is beginning to ease a bit. Guess too many advertisers were going elsewhere.

Go news that’s the blues, landlord again, all but for $50.00 short is going to give me the boot. So sent word out to both Kathleen, and my Bishop to see what they could do. Wouldn’t be in this jam if PoohBear hadn’t shorted me $300.00 . So if I’m here after noon Thursday, you’ll know the malady got cured, if not well you know I’m huddled in the General somewhere trying to stay warm.


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