Feeling a bit better, body strength increasing but still a long ways to recovery

Hazzard Gazzette Wolf HowlB OF RW

It’s Friday, two days out of the hospital and back into the real world. The ultimate decision of the physician was that body and mind had a complete breakdown, which considering everything that I have been through. Guess the Cook crook, can’t rent his building that he was so hungry for me to leave. Might have been better for him to strike a deal while he was banging me $100.00 a day after he decided to formally evict me. Hey you can’t move in pouring down snow and at that point, I hadn’t fully decided where to go. While its true the main point of my stress comes from PoohBear’s lack of follow through the last 4 months. Hey it was because of her that I moved out here, plus the two evictions, the list goes on. While for a few weeks in mid December I had thought of ending the problem, the fact is I love that little, pointed nose stinker, PoohBear. Yet I wont lie, if someone else stepped up and said she’d cover all of my debts, bail out the radio gear, or at least pay enough to where I could resume business, that I wouldn’t hesitate. As it is PoohBear needs to step up and help maintain the company she and I are building.But I am alive, thanks again to my Bishop, the Church, and the Knytes. With it being a new year, changes need to be made to rebuild what PoohBear and an area without a heart, or common courtesy, destroyed. It ain’t going to be easy, and it may include an environment change to Wyoming to do it, but I’m giving this 6 months, keeping on track and trail.

The Knytes are still working to evacuate our friend Laurette , however the organization has issued requirements for our further involvement. The main one is money. We can’t keep doing things for free. How much is still being decided, but its in the area of $500.00 as well as being willing to pay for such things as air fuel, for the bird to evac her from where she’s at.

We’re still a long way from and to recovery but we are climbing out of the trench we’ve been, under.


face plate 2

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