I admit certain feet at certain ages needs to be covered or enhanced or just plan hidden.

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Over the last few days of recovery from surgery, in want of a Double cheeseburger from McDonald’s and a tub of fries, limited to a liquid diet for yet another week and having to absorb tons of cable, basic cable TV been watching this 2 second blip on USA between my cop shows in the morning. It’s called Talk Stoop, a poor substitute for Talk Soup, that ran on the same network owned by NBC/Universal(Comcast) any mile they had a segment featuring famed It’s a Good Thing, home maker host, Martha Stewart. Now I’m a fanatic about women’s feet and legs, and ones that are just too much like an Elephant foot comes on , I have to say something. Now some boots, or leggings of some sort would have been more enhancing, as it was it was like the host was interviewing Tilla the Hun.Kind of gives some cred, of the wearing of nylons of some such.And no, I can’t see Martha in Yoga pants, or even Spankx. On food. Liquid diets suck. quite really.There is no flavor, no enjoyment of or from the tongue, outside of a slight sliver of taste from Chicken Noodle soup, forget the rest. The Doc says I need to start loosing more weight faster, both for my respitory system as well as my diabetes.Seems over the last few weeks because of some inactivity, between toew runs, I’ve taken on a few more pounds. And if I’m to fly this summer, need to drop back down to 175 or there abouts instead of the 257 lbs, that I am now. Need to take more walks, rather than so many drives. Although I’d both walk as well as drive to a McDonald’s right now if one were open. There used to be a McDonald’s open at least until 03:00 hours every day. Reason that quit? Along with the fact that Maverick and a few other all night stores is simple, robberies, and armed invasions. The degradation of the nuclear family, the lack of discipline due to the risk of being abusive, has given rise to children and young ones going against the teachings of both Christ as well as their parents. Spare the rod, spoil the child. A topic for another time. But our society is decaying faster than Boss Hogg polishing off a plate of raw liver at breakfast. Oh great, my protein shake, snack of the diabetic.

Next time the decay of Television. And lack of creativity in Television commercials, and if you jump off or quit a group or page on Facebook, why is it that they keep posting to you?


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