Retro TV, Small button Noses, Jennifer Morrison, and a new dawning for HazzardAyre.

HazzardAyre Gazzetteretotv logo

It’s Monday Morning:

Yesterday right after Church, I came home and was so pooped, I hit the bed and didn’t wake up until near 2:00AM only then awakening to take meds, and grab some grub. I need to thank Bishop Nielsen and our LDS Ward for the help in my housing dilemma. With than need to raise $2,000.00 to bail out the radio gear, and all that is that, to where we can at least get back on the air. So scouring the interweb to find a venture capitalist that might be willing to fund the project. Look we were down before and we rose up and built something that is on the verge of not only going worldwide on Satellite radio, but to becoming a TV cable/satellite TV network of its own. Right now we are recruiting an experienced actress and fantastic personality you came to know on the TV show, House. Allison Cameron, portrayed by Jennifer Morrison. Could Jennifer become the next Daisy Duke? Hey stranger things have happened and yes we are drafting her into the docudrama of the Knytes, Okay then: Ya’ll know that I’m a stickler about legs and toes, especially legs and toes in nylon hose. That being said, I’m starting to become as attracted to women with tiny noses. Jennifer is a great example

1238095_10152813712398689_3644462967552353581_n Now that said, I still say the sexiest nose of all of Hollywood, still belongs to actress Kerri Russell. KeriRussell092595-JP186

PM79THI became aware of Kerri, on a TV show called Malibu Shores, and followed her career on the TV show Felicity. So then””: HazzardAyre TV is about to launch in three months. What is HazzardAyre TV? Take every single retro TV network, put a southern confederate fight the system, twist on it and a network directly targeting rural America, and you Have HazzardAyre TV. Stay tuned.

HazzardAyre Radio logoHNN LOGO 2face plate 2

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