Being a Southern Kountry guy is one thing, being Hazzard County Kountry is much more.


Just because your in bed, don’t mean everyone is asleep, some people are working. Being Southern of of southern heritage is one thing, being back wood southern kountry is another, but; Being Hazzard County Kountry is a completely different. Hazzard County is not just a place on earth, but a place in ones heart, and consumes your soul. Where else can you see open fishing in one of America’s northern desert valley’s on one side, and a alligator raising farm in another. When the Hazzard County Knytes was originally formed it was just to be a marketing tool for the then Hazzard County Garage of the real Idaho town of Hagerman Idaho. Soon after the General Lee was parked in front of the shop, the most deadly car ever to reside in the Magic Valley of Idaho. There wasn’t one single patrol car, that could catch it. Even the local gearheads couldn’t outrun the old General. But before Lee, there was JaXson. As we spelled it. You see there was a afternoon just after doing chores. When a three cats from California decided they wanted to hunt pheasants on our ranch. Being southern raised and born in Texas, my Mom, threw out a big meal. As we sat on the deck in front of our home enjoying the evening, these 3 cats from California unraveled a concept based on another movie that had been done about Moonshiners. The movie was called MoonRunners . In our shop next to the house, was our old 69 Chevy Caprice that we had painted John Deere Orange, and called it the General JaXson. The JaXson, impressed these three Hollywood guys so much that the Knytes became creative consultants for the hit TV show; The Dukes-of-Hazzard. The rest of that is history. The year was 1981, upon a prop search of white go-go boots for the display of the General JaXson, I eye balled out of the corner of my eyes, and for the grand total of $1,500.00 and a bit of arm twisting of my Mom, we had the ground zero, point. The General Lee. In the shop, it went. (hold on here there’s some important connections coming) Jimmy Mac, myself, Allen Culbertson, Rick Kuhn, and Ron Adams, tooled on that old Charger. 13.5:1 Compression ratio , 440 mag TNT pursuit engine, limited slip 4:10 gears, that car would easily do 200 mph on the street, then the magic happened again. With a bit or arm twisting and even though the studio was touring a Gen, Lee. Mick Ellis said bring it, and bring it we did. That year the original Daisy Duke was a guest feature at that years Salt Lake City AutoRama. Yes we took home a best of trophy, but too, the studio was impressed with our handi work again. During the show, that year, Bro and I were bunking at the then Shiloh Inn next to the Salt Palace, when I woke up in the middle of the night. I conceded that neither Bro or myself looked at all like Bo or Luke Duke, but I did resemble Crazy Cooter(aka: Ben Jones) Other things in common, I ran(still do) run a tow truck in a small rural town. It wasn’t a big jump to me being the Crazy Cooter of Idaho. The legend remains. But there’s more. About the second season of the Dukes, I pitched an idea, how about Hazzard County having a radio station. Several episodes were done on that platform, with my cousin Richie Montgomery being the stations announcer/DJ>.  The Hazzard County injection and affection has not ever faded at least for me or the Knytes. Question is; and this is a loaded question: Can America, not consider our battle flag as being racist and all and allow TV to once again be like it was? Oh it is; it starts with HazzardAyre TV. The Ayre part in my next entry.

Stay Tuned:

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