FoX News’s Blonde Bombs, Roger Stone and Star Trek, and could you tell if in fact a woman was wearing nylons at a distance? And to 106.3 Cheyenne Wyoming, Which Article?


Finally back home after a long grueling heavy haul from Oregon here to Twin falls. We got back in at 23:00 and its my shot to hit the rack for a few hours.

Does, FoX News Channel have a corner on the talent market? Seems you see some blonde woman on most if not all their Newscasts, with their super mini skirts, on FoX and Friends and others. Sure I would rather see a angelic honey first in the morning, but then the critics bark if the male corpuscles get a bit frisky and touchy, hey honey can’t have one thing without a bit of the other. Then there’s this new guy Stone that the Feds popped last night for lying to congress. What about those Congress-People lying to the American People? Get Pelosi out of there. Telling the Commander in Chief that he can’t have his State-of-The Union Speech in the halls of Congress? Really? Hey Pelosi you work for us, we don’t have to bow down and kiss your feet. Hey I like feet and toes, but hers have gang-green. But does Roger Stone, look a heck of a lot like that guy they show in the closing credits on the old version of Star Trek? Now then, ya’ll know how passionate about women in nylons wearing a dress or not, but can YOU my fellow male corpuscle can you tell at a distance ? If she is wearing a dress, look when she crosses her legs, on the top of her knees half a circle about the size of a half dollar, it’s a good chance she’s wearing stockings. If she is wearing very tight jeans, especially Wrangler CowGirl Cut jeans on the back of her legs, look carefully as there is a very slim white line from just of the back of her thighs to her ankles. There’s other ways of course, like looking at her if she wears open toed shoes, look between her toes, And finally, before I drift off to dream land. First PoohBear didn’t call yesterday at all, guess that in itself is winding down, making me have to look at making many decisions. And two, there’s been this person from some radio station in Cheyenne Wyoming, that keeps sending me albeit thank you kudos for our posts on the Hazzard County Gazzette, then wanted to know if I’d write an article on something and what the cost be? Which all that would be fine. Getting money once for my writing would be keen, except one thing. They didn’t tell me which one of my articles that caught their eye, and two what they want me to write. I’m not a mind reader. While I do get premonitions and all, still I can’t read minds.

Stay Tuned

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