Day Watch for Saturday and the FaceFart Report



Good Saturday Morning. Cold early but warming up a bit today near noon. Federal Employees will get their paychecks and go back to work, but only for about 3 weeks. President Trump caved to public stress over the wages gig, that he opened the Government long enough to make sure all the Government people, including Veterans, and us on military pensions will get our money on the first. Only to have it halted again on or just after the 15th of February. It doesn’t matter what political party you favor or whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, our nations Yankee government has become seriously corrupt, partisan and only passing legislation for the more affluent of society rather than the working stiffs like you and me that struggle every month. The situation even gets gloomingly darker for those on fixed incomes. While I fully agree that there are way too many on the tax payers payrolls, and I admit I too am in that, but busting my ass to climb off it. Only to be thwarted by greedy none compassionate landlords. that said, rather than so many Social Security payments, why not set up one time grants not loans but grants like say at $300k, or so to enable people to get an education, or create a business or gain skills to gain employment? In either case this would be much better than the millions of dollars spent on entitlements. While there are legid entitlements for those that really can’t work, still there’s many using the system. The money wasted on this could easily build Trump’s Wall. These is just one of the policies in the platform, of the Confederate National Party. Imagine if there was ads bought on say FoX Business, or FoX News Channel among others preaching this doctrine? This could open a dialog to getting the Confederate message out there.

These are just some of the things we will discuss at the 5th annual Hazzard County Knytes, High Council Coffee Camp, Conference. To be held at the Rest area south of Hagerman (aka Hazzard) Idaho, on the 28th. There will be other business conducted there as well, but getting us out there again is crucial. As many of you know I made a terrible screw up in renting the warehouse out on Grandview Drive. While the place was advertised as a residence studio apartment it’s a shop. Not a studio, and not much of a shop. But our radio gear is being held hostage, and every day that its not operational the Club is loosing $12,000.00 a day. So rather that bitch about it two things need to be done. One: find a place that we can afford, without the input of my XYL PoohBear. This dependency on her has been the core of our problem, and I’ll get into that in another entry, but suffice to say that’s pretty much kaput. There is never going to be a PoohBear and me. Any mile we need to gain some awareness and while we could pour money into Facebook, Twitter and such ads that do no good, I say lets do up TV ads. Run the heck out of them on both a local, and regional basis. The threshold going at a national effort on such news networks as FoX News Channels. Do the Southern Heritage education thing as an Ice Breaker. This will get eyes on us that can gain financial needs, mostly inputs to the cash stash. Speaking on Facebook.

facefart reportif your like me, you have been perusing Facebook for years. At least since the mid 2000’s. The platform gained so much popularity, that it has been at the bottom of murders to Russian influence on the 2016 elections. What facebook does not like, is when you stand up to them. Some times they freeze your account, but mostly stop any kinds of gains in the groups or pages that YOU create. Reason? They don’t or will not LET YOU, gain any real popularity. I spent on 3 occasions over $2,000.00 on Facebook ads, that never produced any kind of traction. No income, and really poor results. So posting ads there doesn’t help. Beyond our results, if you have visited Facebook here lately you find that the content level is just not there. The few groups and pages are censored including ours, so badly that there is no freedom of thought or opinion. YOU CAN’T SAY WHAT YOU FEEL, on facebook anymore. As a result, while many still have accounts there , most of us are there looking over a few things and going elsewhere online. It’s a shame that Google is killing its social network, as that was a great alternative to Facebook. Except for some serious exceptions and business customers Google + , will be yanked come this summer. There needs to be a front made, to a concept of building something that can go head to head with Facebook. Any mile, more on the afternoon edition.

Stay Tuned.

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