At the End of the Day


wolf of hazzard county journalaT the end of yet another day. Been looking at many things and seeing things that may not be in my favor. Things like the fact that my eye sight is not as good as it used to be, may make flying as well as trucking a challenge considering not being able to pass physical exams. That is really challenging, which is why I’ve been leaning more towards doing the radio gig as at least I can be the mouthpiece for the main vocations of the Syndicate. Even with the want, still until I can raise enough money to cover storage costs, makes that a long reach. So for now its snag and drag with the toew trucks. Okay then on a lighter set observation. Like ; Do you think that FoX News Channel, would have the following and ratings if they didn’t have the blonde hotties on there? If we as males, think that blondes are so not so tightly wrapped, why is is that we are so attracted to them? Is it a perceived notion that blondes are more pure and without blemish? Or is there another reason? Have you ever noticed that there is that full face camera shot on women that have the pointed or long witchy nose, and that profile shots are more towards those with tiny noses? And even with the laws of discrimination, have you noticed that many program directors and such especially those that are male still can discriminate strictly on looks? Not saying its right, just that it is. More to report on the overnight edition.

Stay Tuned

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