Strange Bedfellows If you can’t beat em buy em

hcc shortDAY WATCH

If you haven’t heard it yet, two of your fave fast food spots will soon be one parent company. Dominos Pizza and Taco Bell. Announced today that they are talking about a merge. That’s right Taco Bell and Dominos, hope they don’t include the Mexican hairless dog on the menu at Dominos, that would be a hot dog, lol. Okay this has been going on for quite sometime. Its nothing new. Corporate take overs and partnering has been occurring since business was started. Unless you and its just stubborn pride, but unless you think you have a corner on what ever market and you can’t be swept up, think again. Unless you have a serious need and desire to stay somewhere, or you just can’t live without your chosen firm, its hard to just put down an impressive offer. But be careful of the offer all things are not always what they seem. Our local TV station here in Twin Falls KMVT did that, for years. Somebody would move in, get a good pace going as far as programming, but then , boom KMVT swallowed them up. Even when we were bidding for the FoX station here. At the time the local FoX station was owned by Sunbelt Media, out of Pocatello, which also owned KPVI, 6 there in Pocky. So any mile, we were doing freelance shyt there and the antiquated TV gear big reel VTR’s Switchers and really old cinematic cameras. It was really Retro, Now what really irked KMVT was FoX 14 was also doing a news cast, which in many ways was much better than KMVT’s and its not a big jump from that now. Most of the time I watch CH-7’s newscast. After all on weekends KMVT doesn’t have anyone doing weather like Bri Eggers. But I digress. One day, one meeting short, but The Knytes nearly became the FoX station of Twin Falls. Now granted the Knytes are not TV people, we are radio people, dedicated to every single road warrior out there as well as of course the Confederacy. Always will be. Again getting off course. We are radio people, but caught a break, doing sales at KPIF in Chubbuck one year, had a personality conflict with the big cheese. And found myself on the then Vision12 the local Cable Access channel. In less than 7 months I turned Vision12 from a failing venture, to an award winning cable channel. Even to where, the local bars, several politicians running for office were on it. We just did what no one did, it also was the first time a cable access channel caught the eye of the ratings keepers. The reason I’m barking on this is through by accident, saw a blip about a TV station that carries one of my fave networks, needs and is looking for a new owner. So been chatting that up, and plan on breezing up there in March to take a look see.

Food time, more ratchetjawing here overnight.

Stay Tuned

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