And this is why I’d rather watch the Daytona 500 rather than the blooming SuperBowl.

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Millions of dollars will be spent today at and for the grand SuperBowl. Teams will match efforts, and the prime time SuperBowl Half-Time Show. Which this year was more than bad it was absolutely trashy. They had a Black guy barking like a Hairless dog and saying the F word so many times I switched over and watched Bunk’d on the Disney Channel until the start of the final quarter of the game. Even at the 3rd quarter the score is still 3, to zip, and there isn’t much of a game. When it comes to Pro sports , I’m not into Baseball, I’m not into Basketball, Don’t care for any of em, except one. NASCAR, and of course our sports major hoopla, the Daytona 500. There’s action, there’s nail-biting moments and no half time events with people singing rotten off camber music. Where is the creative ad’s that usually come with the SuperBowl. Bud, didn’t even have anything in the game, Coca-Cola didn’t have any ads in the game, Why watch it? I think the days of the NFL, are on the butcher block, and its going to go to the ways of big finned Caddy’s and 10 cent soda. Now I have been hearing noise from Rick and a few others of how I’m not stepping up to help them. I have a question, besides, Kathleen, the Church and PoohBear, who is stepping up up to help me. I’m near $5,000.00 in debt, my radio gear is locked up in storage for half that amount, lost the place in Jerome, due to some mis steps with the Landlord crook Cook, damn near lost my little car twice. Who the heck is stepping up to help me? The Knytes until the completion of the court hearings has its cash stash frozen, The rest of the WolfPack is still in parts of the mid east serving this unthankful nation, But who is running here to Idaho to help me? Now I’ll eventually climb out of this mud pit, and be okay. The Knytes will survive, but damn it, just because I don’t come running, don’t mean I don’t care. The only things keeping me grounded and sane is running part time for A1, and PoohBear. If it wasn’t for Charlie and my Poohbear, I’d be in a Looney bin somewhere banging my head in a rubber room. Thank goodness I have what I have and what I can use. I have a roof over my head, sorta internet and cable TV, past that there is a prayer I say every night that Heavenly Father will just let me die. The pains I have been under for 3 years is just too much. Yet, I rely on scripture that says God will not give us to much of a load that he wont give us the strength to carry it. But here lately it seems like I’m toting my loads and a whole many others. Like that Laurette, really? Whose going to pay for the fuel for the bubble byrds we would use to evac her from there? Whose going to pay for my fees to go to DC and immigration to get paperwork through? And considering the entire shutdown of our nations Government over immigration, what the hell was I supposed to do, yet she cusses me out? Then there’s Rick, I sent him $100.00 just before I made the move here to Twin, yet he didn’t get it. Hasn’t been cashed, did it get delivered somewhere else. Lets face it of many things it does right mail delivery service in Evanston, is not the best. But even so it don’t mean I don’t care. When it gets snowy and crappy weather my sweat and body is needed that’s towing. Of course there’s my tiny hot rod, someone tapped the front bumper and tore it from the inner fender. Need to fix that before I can go anywhere, plus the fact when it gets crappy weather here, it gets that way times 100 in Wyoming. But still it don’t mean I don’t care. If I don’t answer my phone, or a FB post, or a text it don’t mean I don’t care, it means I have my ass up to a point that alligators are nipping my ears. If I’m driving, eating, in the latrine, I ain’t answering that phone no how, no way. Plus my insurances went up on both LexiBelle and Mini Lexi, The JaXson, is okay, but I got a rather aggressive reminder and warning to get insurance on Mini Lexi, There goes $200.00. I’ll be lucky if I can even pay shop rent this month. But just because I don’t just jump up and run to the aid of others don’t mean I’m not caring, it means I need to spend a lot of time cleaning up my own house.

Patriots won the game. Depot is closed, I’m getting sorta drunk and going to bed.

Stay Tuned

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