Could we have Just got this stuff wrong?

csg coverAncient Aliens

Before I get into my main topic here, I need to reach out to a young lady who feels pretty much if not right on with the same feelings that Rick and I am going through. Promises are great speak, but in reality are like a star. A big ball of gas with no real substance. The promises and dedication to others goes away real easy when the request comes by you to someone you trusted. Or an assembly of people who said, just ask we’ll be there. Where are those people that time and again, I have dug into my own pocket to help even at my own peril, and yet now that I’m in need, not to mention the Knytes in recovering the radio gear need them? Couldn’t one of them look for some people they know that could help? What about one of them, posting our needs for external funding on their fb newsfeeds and pages? If just 20 people each contributed $100.00 each, we’d have the goal met, and we could get the station back on air. Seems pretty bad that something that easily generates $12,000.00 a day is being held up due to a $2k storage bill. In this life of mine, I trust 5 people, Kathleen, PoohBear, Rick, and Chandra. Past that I don’t trust know one outside the Knytes.

Okay then. I have been getting into this series on the History Channel, called Ancient Aliens. While I have deep roots and all in Christianity, still the theories on Ancient Aliens, kinda makes me scratch my head a bit. Just like the episodes I watched Sunday night. There was discussion, of ancient areas of southern Mexico, and Central America, on the Aztec and such. If the theories that came forth are exact, then that would throw the gospel or teachings in the Book of Mormon way outta whack. The reason I say that, is much of what is taught through the pages of the Book-of-Mormon, Alma and so on, happened very near or right at where the discussions that were presented on Ancient Aliens. The Bible teaches that we are to have only one God, that God, is a jealous God. I believe that, yet I have to wonder were the Gods that we are not to be at least observant of, not the God’s of ancient texts and times long before ancient man? Could the carvings and all in ancient burial tombs and such be teachings from beings from outside our pity little planet? The structures that were constructed in ancient Egypt, and that area, as well as all around our planet be of alien design? Ancient earth man, did not have that kind of knowledge. Why is it that certain structures and such have a bee line straight at certain star systems, constellations and planets. In essence could we as a arrogant society, just got this stuff wrong?

Stay Tuned.


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