Remember you read it here first,

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Remember you read it here first. As with most things our small news crew here at the Gazzette gathers information 24/7 then sends it to me to piece together. Remember yesterday? I informed you that this year’s SuperBowl flat stunk, I don’t mean the pleasant musky aroma of a woman’s toes in stockings, nope as in stunk like a wet cat. And what did you see on and in so many media outlets even newspapers? The same stories. Just about every critic including publications like AD-Age and a few others even said that this years SuperBowl was a dismal failure. Was the failure caused by too little time to play the game, as well as perhaps the out of key and tone deaf performance of Maroon 5? Was it the cussing that CBS had to bleep out at least 5 times on another performing artist? If nothing else, it was poor and both viewership was down, but most people just went elsewhere to look at something else, like scenes from prior SuperBowls? What ever it was again it stunk, and we told you here first.

Stay Tuned

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