Its not just the premier, its how long the series lasts. Its new show sweeps time, and Disney is breaking wind with Kim Possible.

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I have started to see a pattern: New shows on TV for this premier period of some new shows is not how good it is at first, its to see how long it will last. Most shows see maybe 4 episodes or so to see if they become a mark, then usually get cancelled in about 7 months or so. Even the Disney Channel has had a few blunders here lately. One would be better if they’d put it on in a better time period, and give the show a chance to gain a following. The casting is good up to two of the adults in the series Coop and Cami. The mother does a dance at the title sequence that proves that even huge women can dance, just not that gracefully. Then of course there is Raven’s Home, that brings back a Disney alumni actress Raven Saymone , she keeps coming back like bad onions on a not to cooked hamburger. Two series are destined for greatness. Andi Mack is one that is filmed in Salt Lake City, its got some good casting and good writing. The next one if all goes right and Disney is banking a lot on it; is the Live action version of an old animated series, called Kim Possible imagesmaxresdefault (1)

maxresdefault The lead actress Sadie Stanley has a look and talent that quite literally can kick butt Screen-Shot-2018-12-09-at-20-920x584At only 17 years old she has the right amount of eye candy and abilities in acting that this should be quite the premier movie and eventually series. Even the newly released title theme has quite the rock beat that could easily become a hit on its own. Even the cell phone ringtone is regaining popularity. It’ll be interesting to see the viewership numbers after the movie airs on the 15th.

You just have to watch.

Stay Tuned.


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