Can you just tell Yahoo and others, I just don’t want to?

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So was looking over the Club’s inbox on Yahoo. Apparently they want you meaning yourself, to convert to a whole new system. Can we just say NO I just don’t want to? Just like WordPress. They wanted me to convert to a whole new thing, I told, no but hell no. I like what I got the way I got it, and since I’m paying for it, I’ll have it my way. Weather gals been saying that we’re in for one big whammy of a snow storm. I see it all around me, but not here, yet. Which means when it does his Hindness will have me out towing, which is why he told me, stay home and get plenty of rest. Considering I bruised my ribs, and nicked my spleen, was a good idea. Rollback tow rigs are great to a point, but the beds are extremely slick. Especially if they get snow and ice on em, one wrong step like I did Monday and your on your keester in nothing flat. Got news from Metro, day before yesterday, that there’s money coming to me, which I would have had by now, but the last two, namely one solid address, was no longer accessible. As such USPS kicked it back to them, and now once again pony express is bringing it back here. Now it’s only $100k, but that should be enough for the time being, and making me able to hire a attorney to nail the buttwipe in Jerome, and CenturyLink. Which together should pull in just under $185,mil. On the housing front, been thinking a lot, and came up at least a go look and see plan. Go take a gander at Grace, Soda Springs and that area of Idaho. Reason, mainly is I have kin folk there. There’s family, and even looking further my headstone is there so what the heck am I still doing in western Idaho. Then watching the previews of this new Disney movie Kim Possible,

images and of course the new in theaters flick Captain Marvel, both are chicks. Women at least young women being the lead actors in these two films. So I thought, with us doing up a revised Airwolf, why can’t we reverse the gender roles? Make String, a woman? It might just be the concept, still working on it. You know put String as a red headed , super hottie, in seriously just gotta sniff the crotch, leather outfit, flying the Lady with a slightly older guy as Dom, and have the rest of the team be babes.

Finally. I just gotta ask those at Facebook, why the heck do you put up that thing of here’s some people you might know fb shit If I don’t know you, if I haven’t had coffee, or broke bread with you somewhere, and you don’t fly, don’t ride, don’t tow and don’t wrench, I am really not going to send a friend invite. I’m sorry I have done the blind invites too many times only to find that the who that I invited is about as phony as a $3.00 bill. Speaking of FB friends, I noticed from all her posts, here lately that our sweet gal, Chandra, has found Jesus. Something I suggested a year ago. There is a peaceful tranquil feeling and one of comfort knowing that no matter what is going good or bad in one’s life, that Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, is there with their hand on your shoulder and their hand in your hand leading you in the right direction.

Stay Tuned


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