Enough, already , must you keep repeating the bit?


Do they need to repeat gibberish when important news is on the boards?

I counted 10 times that FoX and Friends repeated crap about the Grammy’s last night yet there is another Government shut down on the horizon, while Democrats are massing in numbers to a epidemic way, that will kill our nation or the way we all live as Socialism, and Communism is instituted. Look I think in many ways that the Don, is a bit off at times and a bit crooked. That said the President is doing his best to fix things that for all too long has been messed up. Sure , I’d like to see a full Confederate Party in charge in DC , and while I see tons of FB pages and groups that proclaim they are for preserving heritage and Southern history, I say we are not done fighting, yet few if any of them, will skip a weekend of beer 30’s and contribute to the one organization that is fighting for Today’s Confederacy. But I regress, FoX & Friends is a fairly good news channel, they just need to keep from always repeating gibberish, and keep it news.

Okay then, was watching Highway thru Hell, last night and then followed a new show or at least new to me, called Heavy Rescue. trailer-thm-heavyrescue401

which asks the question, has what we do towing all of a sudden become a popular career choice? Not that I have anything against that. I’d love to see new blood in the industry, but all of a sudden we’re hip. Towing on TV. First was Wrecked on SpeedTV, then came several repo shows showing our industry , then Highway thru Hell, and of course Heavy Rescue, HeavyRescueS3_TopShowI remember when I started towing in 1976. I went to our local TV station, the only one here at the time, KMVT. I asked for inquiry on advertising on their station during weather casts. I was told, why would a towing service want to advertise on TV? Isn’t just a listing in the phone book enough? Oh and the one that nearly came to fist to the jaw, the sales-jerk said that towing wasn’t a real business, just a good sideline to some other business. Really? Of course they didn’t say the same thing when we were hooking their yellow news Ford Pinto’s. Of course we were the first over the air radio station dedicated as our core to the towing industry. Nobody had ever addressed the topics and news of OUR industry. KTOW first signed on the air in 1975 in Hagerman Idaho. With 2,000 watts FM. We started with a radio show called Heavy Hooker Radio, which was a show directed to those involved in Heavy Rescue towing. In 1985 we fired off a show from our Boise Idaho studio called Highway Hooker Radio, and the rest is history. Guess that sales-jerk at KMVT was seriously WRONG, huh?

As I close I want to say this: Don’t Abort, Adopt.

Stay tuned.

my fb pic1hooker patch

hooker tail 3

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