America at least maybe my area, maybe more, but Stupid people are way too epidemic

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A snowy Sunday. Too much snow to head to Church, and of course at noon its Daytona 500 time. So my butt is parked in my room doing recovery from last weeks groove at St. Lukes, Hospital. On that, while in theory and overall I got good care, nurses and other hospital staff is so cautious about ANYTHING that might or could be sued over they overkill everything. They finagled this alarm, so I couldn’t even get out of bed to go piss, without a nurse being there. Then came the diet, Ice chips, and bland soup, with Jello was what I ate. All Liquid. So Thursday night I wizzed my bed and slept in wet all night. Something that I severely mentioned to the case manager there. Any one with diabetes, pee’s a lot. Its just what is, the nurses that came in on a regular basis to check my vitals should have noticed the sugary smell and addressed that I wizzed my bed. Serious education there needs to be done. Then went to surgery. Early Friday, morning they decided to thread a optic cam, down my throat, to look inside my belly. Which revealed a serious ulcer about the size of a golf ball. It was bleeding into my stomach which is what was making me so pukey. Woke up from that , and by Friday evening, just before 19:00 they sprung me from the hospital. But hey its not over yet. One prescription that I as it turned out had to be paid out of pocket. Even with that the hospital had not phoned in the prescription. So I had to strong arm the drug store, tech who had to call up there to the hospital, to find what prescription I needed and get the order. The throat surgery, made it to where I can’t talk much if at all. So for once I have to shut up, most of the time. The Doctors and ER staff were great. Thing is, while the only trauma 1 hospital in the area, still, there’s a bunch of inexperienced nurses, and can’s that need more education.

I’m headed to the hospital, again in the PM Monday, to get another exam or two. They assigned me a nurse, who drops by 4 times a day during the day to check my vitals, sugar levels, A-1-C readings and so on. Jocylin is her name and even though she’s a bit hard of hearing, does a great job.

More later, after the 500, on my review of Kim Possible images and my thoughts on America in the west.

Plus , I need to get some $’s sent off to my pal in Wyoming.

See ya’ll here this evening.

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