Want a job at FoX News? Be female, be blonde and have big jugs and hot legs.

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I’d love to be a fly in the room when FoX News interviews a new on air talent for their newscasts. Especially when the applicant is female. I’ll bet while most likely not spoken, the main requirement, is not news talent. Not on the ability to deliver a decent news cast, But that the who-evr is blonde, big jugs, and hot legs. I have criticized for just about the same thing, but is it right, if some gal, isn’t a fashion icon, but has all the rest of the qualifications, should she at least allowed to be a contributing part of that news department? While I’m not a big fan of CNN and for a time they too did the eye candy look-over before hire. Still I’m very suspicious of the thought that looks and eye candy should replace or supersede journalism.

So I watched the premier Friday of Kim Possible. While the premier did show some good parts, over all the plot, and story line was a bit off. The concept behind most of it was poorly written, poorly cast, except the lead, and the hamster. Past that, it really was not the big Bang that Disney hyped for two months.

TV now days is not worth much, networks to local stations, have shifted to reverse. ODTV and all like with NetFlix etc, has pushed the challenges to standard TV. Yet, in all of it the programs of yesterday, still are the best. Is there an answer? A solution to the sitch? Yes. That after the race.

Stay Tuned.

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