Sorry Google Maps and Garmin, GPS does not work everywhere, nor is it accurate everywhere.

Heavy Rescue Toew Blog

Okay then : 14:30 yesterday, sitting in the squad room, getting ready to head off shift, go do Rick’s thing, pick up some grub and head home to the room, consume the grub, watch TV and get some rest after a marathon, of winter , deep wet snow tows and plowing. So call comes in , empty bullwagon, other side of Contact Nevada, stuck partly in ditch. So fire up old Big John, and head down. Activate the newly installed GPS system, not that I didn’t know where Contact was, since there years ago, was a great brothel there, along with a purtty good truck stop. So we arrive. Yet the GPS wasn’t even close to where we needed to be. So being the Marine I am, I said going exploring. In reality after getting lost, and using what instincts I had about the area, found the rig, on the back side of Wells, not Contact. Snaked the bullwagon, out. Got the billing information, and started home. Didn’t get back here until , 23:30 even then Had two more quick pik tows to do. It’s one thing to just drive for a tow company, its another to have to own, one. In our case or my case, Heavy Rescue Toewing, is a team, headed by me, Tobey as President/CEO and of course in spirit, Tobey’s Dad Indian Rick’s. The name was just simply handed to us, from a similar TV show on the Weather Channel. The thing is, snagging cars and light trucks etc, means dealing with motor clubs, insurance contractors and people who do not pay. I’d rather take my chances with trucking companies, truckers, and do just higher ROI towing in the Heavy haul side. Heavy Rescue Toewing, will be a subsidiary, of Highway Hooker Toewing. Thing is, if I’m to get up in the early hours of the morning, or late at night, and go out and mess around in the cold snow, its going to be worth it. The last two or so weeks, of being in the hospital, a tear in my stomach and an ulcer, and gastridious, my life is getting shorter. I’m going to stay productive, but I’m also going to do what I can to reduce all of my stress points. Next stop, truck school, need to get my Class-A, as I was firmly reminded at the Bern POE. Its not that I can’t drive the trucks that goes , but since LexiBelle, is under the 23,000 GVW limit for requiring a class –A, I never have bothered about it, plus the med card. So I’m really needing to get it together.



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