When is it my time? Plus from a famous guru the saying , Those who do the same things and expect different results, are prone to Failure.

heavy rescue toew tymez

Heavy Rescue Toew BlogWhen is it my time? For the last 40 some odd years I have dedicated my life to, the Knytes, as well as the WolfPack. Every extra dollar I had and have goes to the Clubs. I have saw Presidents of the Knytes die, I have seen so much it’d make a Catholic priest cry. The Hazzard thing has served, but I have yet to get my percentage of any of the royalties off of that. I’m not quitting my service to the Clubs, but I need to reduce my stress level. Lying on a gurney with my butt exposed getting a spinal tap, then two days later the same procedure, but this time a tube stick down my throat for a biopsy of my stomach, having nothing to eat, but Jello, Milk, and bland soup makes one think is this all worth it? Working part time with A1 is great. My wages are kept low so as not to mess up my benefits from the state as well as SSI. But this being behind never catches up. Having MY truck, Lexibelle would mean instead of only getting $20.00 on every $100.00 I make from A1, I could be making the whole $100.00. I don’t mind helping a dear friend since he’s been there for me, but I need my truck. I had visions of moving to Evanston, for everything. However albeit it’s a helluva lot more expensive to reside here, still certain areas of this valley such as Bliss, Rupert, as well as Twin Falls is ripe. Few others focus strictly on heavy long haul truck towing and recovery. Most are to busy, farting around with cars and light trucks. Refocusing on the heavy duty market, with a new handle that fits, starting out with

Highway Rescue Toewingand evolving into HEAVY RESCUE TOEW 1 concentrating on the heavy truck market, rather than just simply light duty GP towing. Work the highway, not just the inner cities. It’s the difference in a $80.00 tow, and a $1,000.00 tow.

As far as the Toew Bro’s and all, it is simply that I can remember back in 1975 early 1976, at a organizational conference, I stood in front of every member of our Clubs and said the day I can’t ride, tow, or I pull the key out of the ignition, then I don’t belong leading the Clubs, nor be on radio and TV preaching our organizations agendas. While the radio gear and all is all locked up and its going to take $4K to get it all back, which will take time, its time for me to focus on what I do, that is ToW. As far as equipment, why buy new? A couple of Holmes 750’s with underlifts, A couple of rigs with Holmes 600’s, and 3 more trucks with Holmes 500’s like Lexibelle has. As far as a rotator? Why not put a Century rotator on an older truck like a Heavy duty Dodge Ram? BighornThat really would be trick, basically melding old with new. As far as marketing. The infamous toew smooch was okay at the time, but It might be time to either enhance that concept or rethink it. As I close, I think the new handle and core of this company is right here right now. It’s time to get r done. Stay Tuned.

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